Thursday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping Around the Net

Feb 09 2012

The names get a little better today.  Decent auction of dot me going on at Sedo today.   I didn’t get real deep on this list but I scraped the hell out of the sides.  Here they are.  Going to go high but a very nice name.  Big Ron you listening?  dot net, dot org, I don’t care, I love the word motivated, whatever the tld  My favorite of the Sedo dot me auction.  They do such a terrible job of advertising these things I don’t know why I even mention the names.  The name alone is cool enough sounding by itself but the fact its a Chinese city makes it even more valuable  The domain is from 1998 but the city in Italy is from 1338  No bidders.  You could build a checkin site for good fishing spots but the problem is fisherman hate to share their spots   With no bidders you can get this for a fraction of the cost of   No bidders again.  Everyone loves pretty and 10 years old   Simple word but powerful meaning  You remember that time right?  That’s why you still had sex more than once a week.  1998 3 character dot com.  If you can get it for $69 you should be able to flip it fairly easily  I think these two go together very well and the CPC on this keyword is real pretty

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