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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

There are some unbelievable picks in here today.  If you can’t make money with these then you should just quit domaining.  Dime on the dollar prices today, like shooting fish in a barrel.   Ok, maybe this was an exaggeration but as usual there are some names worth checking out. Can’t believe it only has 27 bidders.  Then again dot nets are taking a big hit in price lately One of the better CVCV to come across NameJet.  I expect it to cross $5K Very popular last name but may also be a good name for a shoe/running store. 1995 Birthday I like moneytalk better but this one will do well. 1996 Birthday A bit (OK a bunch)  of a copyright issue here but I thought I would point it out Applecentric rat. A popular term for taking risk.  I don’t think you would be taking a risk by adding this one. No bidders and 1999 domain. A lot cheaper than dogwatcher and does the exact same thing.  That is unless you want someone just to come over to watch your dog do tricks and stuff, then it is actually a better name than dogwatcher I think you could monetize this one very easily.  Shit, just sell proactive and you’ll make a mint.

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    1. Mayur,

      I don’t think there have been very many good names at Godaddy. I look at the list every day. There have been a few on my lists but no doubt the number has dropped in the last week. It goes in cycles

  1. If ClockworkOrange has copyright issues, what about, which is also dropping today and I’m really surprised Ebay didn’t have that 1,2,3 and it’s theirs years ago…..

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