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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Sorry about the bad headline for a post yesterday.  Evidently I left a screen open and somebody in my household (aka daughter) who was home playing on the computer took a draft and somehow got it up for me.  I was visiting a friend all day and not at the computer and came home to a flurry of “your headline is screwed up” emails.  As if I’m not unprofessional enough without those kinds of mistakes.  Hopefully I’ll point out a few domains to make up for it. These names are back up for auction and this one is my favorite. Still hasn’t met reserve but this one might actually get there.  Heck of a portfolio Again, have no idea of the reserve but mobile and free are as good of terms as you get on the Internet Maybe not everyone is looking for the best hotels. Maybe someone want to save BIG money by going to the worst hotels. Rafting company? 1998 birthday.  A company of the same name has the dot org and I would think they would like to have the dot com What’s the opposite of hot fish? Sushi.  Actually a great name but there are a few bidders in your way 1997 Birthday with good letters. Sounds like a web 4.0 company.  Are we on four yet? Certainly worth the $81 current price Great Online storage name. 1996 Birthday Two characters in any of the majors is worth over $100

Domain Spotlight:

2 Replies to “Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks”

  1. Protip: Always blame it on the cat.

    (Though in my case, people don’t buy it because they know a random aardvark could tpye better than me.)

    1. SL

      I would but my cat died last year. When I came home my computer had 10 screens up and frozen. I thought I had been hacked but soon realized it was a bored 11 year old.

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