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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Yesterday was a great day.  Had nothing to do with work or domains or anything business.  It was a simple little thing.  As I’ve said over 400,000 times I am training for Ironman Wisconsin.  I am fortunate to have a bunch of training partners and friends wake up every morning and meet me at 5 am to to train for an hour and a half.  But this week all of them are gone on vacation.  Even my wife and daughter are gone on business. The only thing harder than getting up to train is having nobody to do it with.  You have nobody to call you and call you a little baby for missing a workout. Nobody to push you to move faster.  But I did it.  For only the 3rd or 4th time in years I ran by myself.  I could easily have just rolled back over and gotten a few more hours of sleep,  but I went out and ran 10 miles at a respectable 7:15 pace overall. And as a gift to myself I went out and bought myself a little present. A new Trek Speed Concept 7.5 and she flies.  I just hope my wife doesn’t fly away when she sees it.  I may need to sell a few domain names to fill in the gap between a Father’s day present and what it cost.  Now onto to today’s domain names (and yes DomainFest Barthelona closes today) Not going to sell at $150,000 but a great a name nonetheless Much better name than  A fantastic name for branding an insurance quote website. I use organic if I can and I like to wear clothes so therefore I like this domain 2001 Birthday.  You could do worse than spend $70 on this one. 1995 Birthday and how the word should be spelled. Also a swimwear company Big city (wealthy) in the Chicago suburbs.  Great buy at this price Worth at least 3-4 hundred dollars. I should get paid for finds like this.  No bidders 1996 Birthday and a saying I use all the time.  OK ,maybe once this year but still very nice for $100 You know what’s better than Adam Strong’s  You guessed it

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  1. How is different from

    The point being, the domain is worth only reg fee.

  2. Just because there are no bidders doesn’t mean we are watching the domain and plan on bidding at the last minute 🙂 Let the rookies bid early.

    1. Alan,
      but it certainly means there is less interest. And I’m pretty sure most people who buy domains know you wait until the end if there are no bidders but once there is one you might as well throw your bid in.

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