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Why is Drake Oil Field Services Registering and

While scanning new registrations I came across a few new registrations that caught my eye. and  Both registered by Drake Oil Field out of Dallas Texas. I went through all the “fraud” domains registered on the same day and the following were all registered

Of these names, only the two in the title are registered to Drake Oil and Gas.  Most of them have privacy protection on them.  But that still brings me to the question. Why would Drake Oil and Gas have any interest in these names?  What are the chances that all these other names are registered the exact same day? They certainly have to know that they are infringing on other company’s trademarks .   I’d love to hear the story behind this but I have a feeling that Drake will not be answering my emails.  It’s one of those things that has to have more story behind it but we may never know.  Any ideas?

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  1. The Twitter deal with the “McDonalds Sign” may have some inspiration behind that registration and Groupon, well a lot of people think many of the “deals” offered are fraud like (if you don’t read the small print).

    Drake oil could also be a newbie domainer in training 🙂

  2. *

    Any one of those regs could be set up as a site critical of the company.

    However, the domain owner may NOT put ads on the site. In other words, the US Constitution guarantees free speech, but not necessarily for making money on someone else’s TM.

    There really is no financial advantage to regging “review” sites that contain TMs.


  3. It’s probably good to check who the parent company or other subsidiaries are connected to the company you mentioned.

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