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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks:

I haven’t been excited about very many auctions lately because they have been out of my price range , but Sedo’s auction that ends today has a few good name in a range which is more to my liking.  I’ve included a few I like and of course I’ll pick through the rest of the list on Here are today’s names. This will probably hit reserve and these are about to come down to a price that every home will most likely have one in the near future. Ned’s been working this name harder than a $2 prostitute.  A great 5L and should be in my portfolio and still may be if the price stays where it’s at.  Probably won’t A steal at the present price of publication $185.   The kind of name that startups buy.  I hate to even put it on the list but I have a few names I like and I can’t buy them all. 1996 Birthday and no bidders.  If other bloggers keep threatening to sue me I am going to need this. 2001 Birthday.  The type of name I like.  Could have several uses other than being a product.  Could be a cloud server company.  “Drop it in the hot tank”  No bidders A whole site of mug shots.  Or just a celebrity legal problem blog I never like the show but I like the domain Half of every new marriage will use this term I put it here because it has the word cloud.  Domainers are suckers for the word “cloud” right now’ You can save a million dollars by throwing a 1 at the end Google likes dot info and I think you’ll like this name if you buy it for $12.

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  1. A $2 prostitute! Shock and horror! That’s not a very nice thing to say to your Aussie mate. I’ve only ever said nice things about you Shane – even behind your back. Ha ha!

    Seriously though, there are a lot of fussy people out there. 🙂 So I hope someone out there can see the brandability in There are some similar names that have sold for a lot, lot higher.

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