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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks: at $70

Good Morning.  There are some nice 4L.coms on the list today.  Good product domains haven’t really been coming up the last few weeks but then again why would people be selling them right now?  Especially the dot coms. With silver trading at all time highs and traders controlling the price, this name is more valuable than ever. Speaking of high prices. Gas is ridiculous and maybe you can help people find cheaper prices.No bidders Valuate at $4300 and 1200 searches. Dot org available for hang reg. No bidders Love it. Perfect name for the Internet It’s what happen when you use a Chef service 3 letter dot net with repeating letters. Lovely Under $500 would be a good price Make sure to stop by Dropday to find more of these great names. I expected the 15 year old domain to go for a nice price but it’s already at $1500 and the bidding war hasn’t even started yet. A lot of 3 and 4 letter names today.  I have always liked the double a 4 letter dot coms. No anyone named Melanie with a lot of money Not to bad for $70

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  1. Hi Shane – Your ‘Tweet This Post’ button is only half working – it takes me to Twitter but doesn’t carry your post details correctly (in Chrome and Firefox).

    Thanks for these great lists BTW.

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