Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Aug 24 2011

I’m heading out to Oregon for Hood to Coast.  Unfortunately I severely stressed a tendon in my leg that has caused me to be unable to walk at this point because of the pain in my foot (evidently all these things are connected) . Hopefully the RICE method will help. Maybe by Friday night I can run 7 minute pace up a mountain.  And then in 3 weeks an Ironman.  Not looking real good. But some of these domains look pretty good so take a look. Already at $3K plus.  Too rich for my blood for a dot net. At $1000 and Godaddy says it gets 155,000 visits per month.  If you believe that I have another domain that gets 4 hundred billion trillion uniques for only $4500. I know how you domainers like these type of things.  1999 Birthday Because Tow Truck companies are known for using trendy domain names.  It could also be pronounced as if it rhymes with Cow. I almost got dTat when I got too drunk in Vegas.  Fortunately the tattoo “artist” was salivating when he saw my virgin unpainted skin and it scared me. 2000 birthday. Great security name.  2001 domain and no bidders I like singular better for the dot co because I only think of dot co and dot company.  Copiers Company doesn’t sound as good as Copier Company. That’s just me.  Most people are buying keywords so copiers would be better in that case. Nice three letter dot co The kind of brandable I like.  These seem to be going higher and higher each week. This name just sounds classy AND I just love impressions.

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  1. Lennard

    There are tons of good .co domains dropping at the moment.
    Even in the closeouts @ Godaddy there are some gems to be found.

    I just good a few very decent ones, now just hope that .co actually does take off

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