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I’m Coming Out With My Recent Purchase:

Not that kind of coming out.  I’m straight as a string but I’m still giddy like a little school girl with my recent purchase.

If you Google my name you will see that my family is a very staunch conservative family and actively involved in politics. I by no means am a democrat, but I believe in the rights of all people and I am much more liberal in my social views than the rest of my family.  I was forever changed in my thoughts on gay marriage when a friend of mine, who is gay, lost his partner of 40 years.  He and his partner had built a nice life.  A life that included a nice home and a vacation home,  a large bank account, and many assets. When his partner died he lost it all.  He lost it to the family of his partner who had the rights to the property and assets because Illinois didn’t recognize him as a partner or a holder of the assets.

Since that time I have heavily supported civil unions.  If two people want to fight all the time and be unhappy, why would I want to keep them from enjoying the marriage life that we straight people have. In all seriousness, I think we have evolved as a society to realize that two people, regardless of sexuality,  can be in love and build a life together, both emotionally and fiscally. I fully support civil unions and the rights that come with them.  When I saw come up for auction I was giddy with the thought of owning the domain.  I thought it would go for way above what I was willing to pay. In my mind the future includes most states (I’m pretty sure the south will take a while) recognizing civil unions, making this domain a $XX,XXX domain in the near future.  I won’t say exactly what I paid for it but like all domains purchased at an auction house, you’re only a Google search away for what I paid.  I think it’s a steal so I don’t mind publicizing it.

One might think that it would be a hard domain to monetize but I think it will be easy.  There is plenty of content with several states proposing laws to acknowledge civil unions this year.  I’m sure there are all kinds of companies trying to reach this demographic.  I would also think that people would be seeking legal advice and there would be an opportunity for leads as well.

I’m pretty excited about it and in some ways proud I am the owner.  My family, on the other hand, may not be as excited.  Especially my uncle with whom I share my name.  He once stated that if two same sex people can marry then why can’t someone marry a farm animal.  (not verbatim but something like that).  He’s a highly intelligent, kind man, but I’ve always had a hard time listening to all the rheteric about marriage rights and wrongs from all these divorced politicians, even my own family.  In short, as a straight, happily married man I am proud to officially be on the “right” side.  The side of “I don’t care who live and love together as long as they’re happy”.  The side of civil unions and the owner of

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  1. Sounds right up your (back) alley you may need a “partner” . Sounds like Owen might be interested.

  2. Kudos to you Shane for grabbing the name, and your viewpoints on such. Look forward to seeing it up and running.

    lol Adam. 🙂

  3. Anybody should be able to marry anybody or …..even a farm animal. Who really gives a sh*t? And if they do, why is it so important to them what others do?

    Honestly, who cares and who thinks they know so much to tell someone else what to do with their life. That’s worth fighting/killing over IMO.

    We are Americans….which stands for FREEDOM after 200 years of kicking and screaming for our rights…..blacks, whites, asians, gays, lesbians, etc…

    Just like nobody should tell me I can’t smoke pot in my house or take an experimental cancer drug to possibly save my life.

    Who are these people, Gov’t officials, and religious groups that have such big egos and influence that they want to impose their standards of morality on others?

    To each his own, but get in my way of my liberty and I’ll mow you the fu*k down. Why? Because I am an American. That’s what real Americans do.

  4. Shane, congrats on your acquisition and your liberal way of thinking about other people’s rights. Don’t care what your family thinks about this, they should worry much more about your uncle’s ideas, if he can compare people to animals.

    On a side note, googling your name I found out that a video of you talking plants was uploaded on YouTube a few days ago 🙂

  5. Thanks Shane, I hand regged the version of the name tonight, maybe I will be able to flip
    it for a few bucks………….

  6. Shane;
    Sorry if I offended you, it was not my intention. My point was that I heard the term Civil Unions a million times and I never would have thought to look to see if anything was available in
    a CCtld. Reading your post gave me the idea.

    Anyway congrats on your purchase!

  7. While I don’t support them I still congratulate you on acquiring this category killer. When developing the domain it doesn’t really matter where the site owner stands, its usually just about providing information or some service/tool to the people searching it.

  8. I couldn’t care less what gays want to do, but I’m not a fan of circumstantial hysterics that aren’t rooted in truth. A common scenario cited (and portrayed on left-bent television shows) in the pro gay marriage community is identical to the one you just noted…

    If this person were wise enough to amass wealth, one would think he would also be wise enough to execute a will and delegate power of attorney to his gay partner, which is all that’s needed to prevent situations like the one mentioned above. In this regard, it isn’t even a gay marriage issue… There are heterosexuals who have cohabited with life partners forever, only to have long estranged children come into the picture during an end-of-life scenario and start delegating things.

    It’s called a will and power of attorney, people. Gay, straight or otherwise.

    Really, I’m not a fan of the government being in the marriage business at all.

    1. LS Morgan. Valid point except you are assuming that everyone has the same knowledge and financial wealth as we do. Google what percentage of people die with a will. Very few. Life is not as simple as you make it appear. I’m also for reduced government, especially aide.

  9. In the gay community, power of attorney is a pretty established issue.

    Either way, given what you paid, you got a great deal on that name. Should probably get the development clock rolling now. Make it into a relevant infobase and manage your organic social marketing right, you’re P1P2 within a year. There isn’t much in the way of commercial development for those keywords, but there will be related cottage industries springing up once the issue gets stronger national traction and you’ll want to get ahead of that. One thing the come-latelies cannot overcome is the advantage of age and time.

    Based on my casual glance at the competition for “civil unions” in G, there doesn’t seem to be anything that monstrous, save for Wikipedia in the one hole. Geotargeted content is the road to dorado on this one…

    You get the idea.

    Good luck. It’s doable.

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