Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Nov 03 2010

I saw a post on Domaining ads touting a wordpress automatic site maker.  Are you guys freakin crazy.  After watching Epik get punched in the balls for massive linking and duplicate templates and IP addresses, people are actually thinking about making a site of all duplicate content?  Google hates this.  Read Elliot’s latest post if you need more info but first let’s take a look at the names Formerly a online movie site, now just a 5L domain that gets 14,000 uniques a month Not to hard to figure out what’s being sold here Farmville, watch out, here come virtual farms Don’t believe the valuations.  It get 110,000 searches with a $1.70 CPC I’m not sure what this is but it really sounds cool and futuristic A PR7 There are plenty of meanings for this but I think of bugs These are valuable eggs

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