Is This Hotel Pager Friendly? Funny Twitter Quotes and an OilSpill

Jun 29 2010

I love reading through Twitter and seeing what people say about domaining.  Here were a few that made me laugh today


BrianGilley Why I just bought a domain that sells jeep tires is anyone’s guess. Yes, I have issues.

That’s a heck of a lot better than the tampon domain I boughtAt least I know how to put on a tire


PerfectGolfGift Attn manufacturers, The Perfect Golf Gift domain name is for sale. $15K OBO Targeted, memorable, brandable #gifts

You’ll remember that one all right.  The time you blew 15 grand on a worthless name


GMChicken That reminds me. I must sort out my websites. Have many domain names, and nothing of value on any of them.

Welcome to domaining.  You’re still better off than half of us domainers because you at least admit you have nothing of value


namedotcom Already into Round 3 of the ping pong tourney!

Was it just me or was nobody else invited to this thing?  I think TRAFFIC should have a big ping pong tourney

unnikrishna Would you like to contaminate a website with “Oil Spill”? Try this:

I thought this was pretty creative.  I put an oil spill on Elliots Blog 🙂



Fannie Mae Spends $50,000 to Buy Domain Name, Owner Sells domain:  Domain Name Wire: Fannie Mae dips into…

One, the country owns Fannie Mae so now I own  Secondly,  only $50K?   Since when does the government buy something on the cheap?  If that were normal protocol they would have paid a few million.

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