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Wednesday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

Up a little later then normal here because I had my fantasy football draft last night.  I had the 7th pick and took Drew Brees.  I’m a big fan and would have taken him first overall just so I could root for him.  Plus he and I are friends… friends….kinda. Now onto the names Great name, great CPC ($8.00) 1998 Domain.  The future of education A 1994 domain and a real nice name for a “like” site for facebook 1995 Domain,  $2.00 CPC, also known as Nashville 8000 searches and all of them come guys over 80 that love widdlin’ What a great name to use to mess with people.  You can put it in your collection with How about $155? That’s what this PR4 is at right now Looks like people are paying about $2K for PR5 sites with 2000 or more links.  You in?

Domain Spotlight:

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