Wednesday’s Daily Dropping Domains

I realized the down side of waiting to the last minute to put in your bid on auctions or drops……sometimes you forget.  I really wanted today and left the office for the day to do some TV work and totally forgot.   It only went for $900 and this is an area I already do business in.  I need to get more organized or hire more staff.   Now here’s a few names I found for tomorrow.

All names found using my favorite drop analyzer. Already at $10K on GD and a mighty fine name Nice $6 CPC and would be an easy build out When regular magnets just won’t do.  The “power” magnets will take your fingers off.  $2400 valuation This is a nice 5L.  The kind that I think actually have some value Great CPC and ad competition.  Buy and sell dot coms, develop the rest. Perfect for info on the Arizona problems going on right now.   This is actually better as a dot org

Domain of the Day: