Thursday’s Daily “Dropping, Expiring and Other Domains Snuck in At Godaddy and Namejet” Domains

Jun 24 2010

I received a ton of very nice emails after my “Somebody is going to get hurt” article.  It’s funny because I was just having a good time expressing my feelings in the article and most of the emails said they loved the blog, appreciated the fun articles, and keep up the good work.  I’m glad that people can see that I enjoy life, don’t take it too serious, and that I have enough money that I can enjoy making it.  Speaking of making money.  Here are a few names that should lead you in the right direction.  Before I list the names I will add that DropDay recently added a VERY important metric , inbound links from unique domains, a lot of people say it’s the most important metric of all for expiring domains… Nice short ‘commodity” domain.  May hit $1K Not as good as it was in the late 90’s early 2000’s but there are still lots of “active traders” Want a non trademark phone domain?  Here you go.  Everyone wants a “good phone” $1800 value and 2300 searches.   Remember dot net is great for development, not as good for resale I see it as a strong 5 letter dot com.  Some see it as a BMW name.  Either way it already has a decent amount of bidders and action

There’s also a bunch of flag domains at Namejet but I hate flag domains.  Just never liked them

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