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Tuesday’s Hot Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Sold another yesterday which makes a new record this year. I’ll do a post on it later today but the 5L market seems to be doing what the 4L market was doing three years ago. New companies are realizing the value of a short name that is easy to spell and say. The down side? I’m having to pay a lot more for top 5Ls. Now onto today’s names Great name but I would be careful building it out. Make sure to announce what you’re doing to your spouse Never really lived by the water but I know enough to know that people rent boat slips. $69 seems more that fair for this one. At first I passed on this 1996 domain because I thought it should be but after looking at it again I think this spelling is probably OK and looks cuter. Three letter dot net. 67 bidders used to be a price indicator but not anymore. More watchers than ever Great letters. Will do well to get this under $500 Great keywords. Plenty of people looking for cheap tickets. Not going to lose a lot of money on this one with no bidders Love this one. The whole Internet is a bunch of copying other people’s stuff. At least you could be upfront about it I think this is what the young girls’ clothing is made of since they are basically wearing nothing during the summer.

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    1. Jim,

      Fun. Maybe not. Definitely getting great ideas and taking LOTS of pictures. I found a new revenue source good for $20-30K a year though and that alone made it worth it.

  1. Of course we are… lurking mostly, but always reading.


    Like Postie a lot… Posty just doesn’t seem right when you put them side by side.

    Hope your training is going well.

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