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Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

In Columbus Ohio for a few days on business and doing this post on an iPad so expect a few bad links. It’s not that I’m not checking them it’s that the this thing has a few flaws and copy and pasting links is a major one with the second being no scroll on the right to scroll down the article you’ve written I do have the keyboard attatchment so typing is not a problem. Here we go for today’s names. One of the shorter lists in a while so I may have to throw in a joke at the end to make up for it. You know this in the US. It’s where all our tax money goes. How is Lil Wayne going to get his money if you dowload free music? I think I take this vitamin but I could be wrong. This one ends early in the morning so get in quick if you want it . At Godaddy auction. You might want to look up what fap is slang for I don’t really call it cheating per se. More like assisting As stated 100 times before. The three character dot coms are VERY liquid

And the joke:
“I’m sorry Mr. Jones, but we mixed up your wife’s test results with another patient. As a result, we’re not sure if she has Alzheimer’s or AIDS”.

“Well, that’s a big mixup. How can we figure it out”.

“Take her on a ride to the woods, and drop her off. If she finds her way home, don’t screw her”.

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  1. Hey Shane

    Feel your pain with regard to having difficulty copying and pasting using iPad!

    As for the scrolling issue, sometimes you can scroll by touching the field with one hand and then doing a scrolling action with the the other hand. Works in some circumstances, let me know how you get on.
    For such a sophisticated product it really pisses me off that it lack a few basic functions like this.

    Loved the joke.

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