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Color + Animal = Memorable

lime_lizardNo you are not going to make tons of money on this trend but it does have some value.  When companies or people name their business or wares they want it to be something that people can remember.  There is nothing easier to remember than a color followed by an animal.  Blackdog, bluedog, purplecow.  They are all names that will be remembered and most likely not going to be misspelled or misinterpreted.  Most likely you’ll have to wait on an end user to get good money for the names but I’ve found that some of these names can be flipped for 100% profit on the forums and sedo.  I’ve also recently expanded on the same trend by buying some names with color+article of clothing.  I purchased and  I think these offer eCommerce possibilities.

In order to find hand reg domains I use   I hardly ever buy hand regged names but the site is already set up to find names using the color prefix.  You put in the prefix of colors and namepeek automatically brings up all the available names with the prefix of a color and the keyword you put in.  It starts by putting the color in as the prefix and when those run out it puts your keyword in front and the colors afterwards.  For instance the results for color prefix with the word pig returns



The results are not any domains I would register but it saved me a ton of time in my searches.  On the other hand, do a search for colors with lizard and you get which it says is available but is actually about to expire on May 15th.  I guess that’s why it says “Likely Available”  So try it out.  Maybe you’ll be able to flip a name.  Maybe you’ll find your own brand name

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  1. Hello Shane,

    Thank you for the kind words and the article. I am the creator of namePeek.

    The reason why it says “likely available” is due to the technology we use. Normally to check domain availability it is a very slow process that even most credited domain registrars have a hard time delivering in a timely fashion.

    So what we ended up doing is we are quickly scanning the DNS records, where usually if a name is registered it has at the very least a nameserver associated with it.

    We are still working on improving the technology, really it is more of a pet project that we use for our own domain name hunting, and we are just sharing the love.

    Thanks again for writing an article about us! It means a lot to us! 🙂

    Take care!

  2. Nice tool! Thanks for pointing that out, Shane. And since NamePeek itself is listening: it would be even better if more searches were added. What I would, for instance, find useful: major US cities and major international cities. And I’m sure others can bring up their own “wishlists”.

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