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Wednesday’s Top Picks of Domains at Auction and Dropping From Around the Net

I would formally like to congratulate Obama on his re-election win.  As a Republican I can’t take it any more and have conceded the race.  We are all human but damn, can we at least have a candidate that doesn’t cheat on his wife?  We had Gingrich and Cain.  Gingrich is so cold he cheated while his wife was in the hospital recovering from cancer and Cain has been telling us he never touched any of these women and turns out he was having a 13 year affair all along.  If their wives can’t trust them how am I supposed to?   Enough politics, on today’s names. 1998 Birthday.   With stores like Teavana taking off in the malls and people like Kevin Rose switching from coffee to tea, this is gaining value. I’d like to see Florida in the front but that would add $5K plus to the auction price aka citric acid.  Also there is lemon flavored salt.  No bidders.  Good value because there are no bidders Great name for a site that teaches social media basics Two character domain on a top three TLD= Value I really don’t know why I like this one so much.  Sounds like a movie or maybe my thoughts after every meal. Fours at the end usually keep the price down but it’s already crested $1K Little tough to say but I think the current price has resale value I don’t think $2500 is unreasonable for this name.  If you are in the fish or fishing business this is a gem I think this is best left to someone that will guide in the right direction.  My pet peeve is parking cancer domains.  I envision some person dying and then they get popups.

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  1. Ron Paul is the only man for the job. If the Republican party had ANY sense they would all be getting behind him and pushing him to the front of the queue.
    Of course he’s too honest, ‘the company’ would take him out.

    socialschool is nice btw from your picks

  2. I agree with you Stardom, it would be nice to see Ron Paul in office. Do you think that people will perceive him as being too old? I feel like he doesn’t quite get the respect and speech time he deserves. 🙁

    Wow! Before reading this post I never even thought of the idea of “flipping domain names”. I wasn’t even aware that people were spending as much as $2500 on domain names. Crazy! I’m going to be starting my own blog soon and I know that you can get them for much cheaper than $2500…lol. I bought my domain name cheap, from . So always look for discounts on domain names before you go spending a ton of money on them 🙂

  3. *

    If a man cheats on his wife and then lies about it, then how can we ever trust him with governing our country?

    Republicans haven’t exactly cornered the market on infidelity; Democrats have had their extra-marital issues as well (Kennedy, Clinton, Edwards).

    However, Republican politicians, who thump and stump on their Bibles, seem to adopt the “Do as I say, not as I do” attitude.

    In the case of Cain: his extra-marital activities bother me less than the sexual harassment claims, which suggests a complete lack of respect for women, women of lesser power who did NOT welcome his advances.


    As for Gingerich: his ethical problems go far beyond his sexual peccadilloes.

    Unless a mainstream and level-headed Republican wins the nomination, then, yes, Obama will win four more years. But unless the voters oust those dingbat tea partyers in Congress, it will be four more years of nothing getting done.

    Isn’t it ironic that the “anti-Christ” Obama has not even a whiff of scandal, at least so far?


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