What’s Happening With Last Year’s ROTD/NamesCon Domain Sales?

Jan 09 2016

There is a lot of buzz for Monday afternoon’s Right Of The Dot auction at NamesCon, and for good reason….they have lots of monster names, and a strong contingent of names at low/no reserve, which is sure to make the auction lively. You can check out the full auction listing here at NameJet.

I wanted to take a quick look back at some of last year’s ROTD auction sales to check on their status, and a quick update on some of the top sales is below.

In last year’s auction, 87 of the 134 names sold, and you can check out all the results at this post from TheDomains. The auction brought in just shy of $1 million in total sales — $990,851, to be precise.

  • HomeCare.com for $350,000 – This one sold before the live auction, and a site is live, with a linked screenshot below. The site describes itself as, “the best way to find a caregiver. Our team of Care Advisors helps you find, interview, and hire professional caregivers at a great price.” Although the domain is under privacy protection, Mark Walthrap, the CEO, has a public profile at this LinkedIn link, and has experience at Weather.com, AOL, and SeniorLiving.net.


  • Wine.Club for $140,000 – Parked, under privacy protection, and listed for sale at $349,977.
  • CarAuctions.com for $90,000 – Parked, owned by NameFind.com of Cambridge, MA, per Whois.
  • Susan.com for $34,000 – This was picked up by Media Options during the live auction, and if I remember correctly, Andrew Rosener said on a Domain Sherpa Review that this domain was included as part of a trade for another domain. Currently owned by NextEngine Ventures LLC of Burbank, CA and parked.
  • TIK.com for $33,500 – Parked.
  • VIL.com for $33,000 – Parked.
  • SexEducation.com for $23,000 – Parked.
  • NewAge.com for $22,501 – Parked.
  • BikeRentals.com for $22,000 – Parked.
  • Pathologist.com for $18,000 – Parked.
  • HGU.com for $17,000 – A Chinese language site is live, and the domain appears to be an upgrade from HGU.cn.
  • CM.net for $17,000 – No site resolves.
  • Weed.club for $16,000 – Parked.
  • VP.net for $14,500 – No site resolves.
  • Fight.club for $13,500 – No new site is live.
  • Paperback.com for $12,000 – A site is live, and a screenshot is below. Shane and I bid on this one together last year, and although we weren’t the high bidders, it’s nice to see it put to good use.


  • TF.net for $11,500 – No site resolves.
  • TP.net for $11,500 – Parked.
  • KQT.com for $11,000 – Parked. I’d estimate the going wholesale rate for this domain today is 5x what it sold for……crazy past 12 months.

Frankly, there isn’t alot of exciting development in the names listed above. As a domain investor, I couldn’t care less in the near term, as prices of many categories of domains have skyrocketed over the past year. Longer term, I would like to see more development of these types of names, as end user acquisition and utilization of domains is one of the primary underpinnings of values in the long run.

Best of luck to the ROTD/NamesCon/NameJet team on a successful auction this coming Monday; it’s going to be a fun one to watch!

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