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Friday’s Domain Names That I Thought You Might Want to Buy

I’ve found more domains in the last week than I normally do in a month.  Picked up yesterday.  Normally I don’t do dot net but Miscanthus is very popular grass and is a big player in biofuel (yes I am in the biofuel market as well) and I grow miscanthus rhizomes.  One of my better pickups for my plant empire. when you see a name like this with lots of bidders you know that you have a PR6 or higher domain.  Yes this is a PR6 1996 domain that’s DMOZ listed.  Used to Peter North’s old blog.  Just kidding. I don’t even know who he is A racist slang term that could still be used properly and monetized $27,000 estibot These types of names always go for $800 to $1000……..or more Same here at My daughters name.  Not really but that personal touch made the name seem nicer didn’t it? If you like high priced keywords then you have to like this one I think this is a good value at $15 Not as good of a value but a good name.  Comes across as kind of cavemanish

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