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10 Domaining Things I Learned Today on Facebook

I always feel a little weird reading articles that have sourced Facebook posts for content. I realize that once you post something on Facebook it’s realistically public from that point on and in many cases they wanted it public. But I still regard Facebook as personal information…..until today. Here are the incredible things I learned today on Facebook.

1. Jamie Zoch is sick again. He had the flu a while ago but this one isn’t that bad.

My Take: Welcome to children. They are like a petrie dish full of disease. Just be thankful you have an outside job so you can get out of the house and get some healthy air. Elliot is in big trouble

2. Mat Rousseau has some great advice “The golden rule for business is never do business with a stranger”

My take:  Agreed: Make sure they are an acquaintance before you exchange money

3.  Removed to keep the peace

4. Bruce Marler is helping his daughter set up a website for school.  It’s killing him not to try and monetize it and install analytics.  Daughter wants him off project because it’s a “girls only” event.

My Take:   Girls Rule: Boys Drool     Probably will see site on Flippa once the project is over.

5.  Michael Berkens’ The Domains just hit 4500 likes

My Take:  Congratulations.  Well deserved. His are real.  I bought my 5000 likes at Fiverr

6. Alan Dunn spent Christmas in Canada

My Take:  Very confusing pictures as there was very little snow on the ground.  Looked more like southern Indiana.  I expected two or three feet at least

7.  Jodi Chamberlain still has a crush on Steve Perry.  Or at least loves the way he sings

My Take:  Curious if she like the new Asian guy that has replaced him in Journey.  Sounds the same but hairline and nose are a tiny bit different.

 8. Mike Mann said “It doesn’t matter if you passed the test, it only matters if you learned the material”  (he represents half my feed, crickets without him) 

My Take:  Tell that to my daughter who took the SAT saturday

9.  Merlin Kaufmann likes to take a private jet

MyTake:  He actually posted some pretty great deals for a company called SuiteDeal.  Save me a room in your house Mr. Schilling, I may be staying for the weekend soon

10.  Facebook is Mike Mann’s blog.  

My Take:  If it were on Domaining is would be 98% of the posts and there would be 25 articles a day.  Some really great stuff there mixed with a few huhs?

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  1. 6. Well, I certainly sat in Terre Haute not driving to Evansville for a day or two because of white stuff on the road. It might have been southern Indiana, but it wasn’t that warm…..

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