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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 7th

As an Alabama graduate and a lifelong Bama fan tonight is a big night.  I grew up disliking Notre Dame and Penn State.  I grew to respect Jo Pa (until his last years) but haven’t quite found it for Notre Dame.  I lived in Tuscaloosa in the 70s and was ingrained with the idea that you don’t lose, especially at home.  It stayed with me my whole life.  I accept losing but chose not too very often.  Here are today’s names and the daily quote

“There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and guts between dreams and success”  -Bear Bryant  Already past my bankroll.  You should buy it  A little cheaper.  No bidders   Big keyword.  Thank the dot org for making it affordable.  Girly domain  Perfect name for a online games site.  Dot net makes it affordable – The future of charging your electronics on the go? Buy it, then team up with Mike Berkens who owns the plural — he has a knack for selling domains for more than any sane person would pay   14 year old  O and U away from having all the vowels – The .com sold for $12,500 last year…..meaning the .net is worth $600 if you believe the 5% rule. However, you can have it for $69….no bidders  Damn J, sets this one back but for the millionth time.  If it’s a and ends in A it has some value  Great website name if you deal in Hexyloxyethyl.  Wait, that’s HPPH  Here comes the boomed.  12 years old  I’ll predict this one hits $400  Sounds like an island in Hawaii but I’ve been there, it’s not.  Even with dot org this one isn’t too bad.  Lots of ads for Dubai Travel  No bidders. Great dentist name but it’s a reserve auction so it won’t be $69  Lafayette IN loses a business, you gain a domain name  Little Black Dress.  I love them. I guess it depends who’s wearing it  This should do well  Great Indian name. Many marriages are still prearranged there. The value is not in Simon but in it being a last name  The alternate side of the “Life is Good” brand  Because BoyA and BoyB are not for sale  Another fine keyword.  Could be a good deal here if people get hung up on the dot net

WordPress & Go Daddy Hosting – A Winning Combination For Your blog! Going to be if not already a product So many uses for this one. People are on it though so no stealing here These are the kind of names that have me conflicted. I feel like it’s missing an “N” but then realize it’s better as an acronym for something something New York This is the kind of name that don’t get a lot of offers but when you do it will be sizable. I like this one. It’s one of the few things I’m really good at. I can potty with the best of the them. I am going to buy this one. I’ll use my invisible Groupon money It has nowhere to go but up. I did my part. I’m heavily invested in Ford Everything you post will be online forever
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