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10 Personal Thoughts Of My Week in Domaining

These are usually the posts that get me in trouble.  Some love em some think I’m an idiot.   Occasionally they are both right.  Here are a few thoughts that have gone through my mind as of late.

1.  I didn’t like the Wanna Develop posts back in 2010 and I don’t like them now.  I’m not sure why I have to see them on the feed of again.  I get that there is some great content from the past on any blog but guide them to it on the front page.  Don’t post it in a new feed.  It’s a pure traffic move and yes I block it, but but glad everyone doesn’t have “blast from the past” every day.  It’s not that I don’t think there’s is info in the post is merely that I don’t like anonymous people/ghosts.  People that hide have something to hide.

2.  As I’ve said many times.  If you are going to aspire to a domain investor you should try and follow Andrew Rosener.   The recent sale of is a perfect example and there are millions of dollars of other sales you won’t read about.  Media Options is killing it

3. DomainNameSales’ provider could possibly the slowest data reporter I’ve seen.  Lately most days don’t even have yesterday’s stats until late in the day.  I can’t see why it has to take so long.  It’s not a big deal for me because I don’t have much parking but I’m a stat junky and I love looking at numbers

4.   Godaddy has been great about fixing or making up for the “mistake” of dropping the Commission Junction auction commissions.  Jamie Zoch led the conversation and they responded quickly and professionally.  If they do what they say they are going to do I commend them.  Commission Junction responded with links to show you where to find answers. They were right but less than personable.

5.  I switched back to quoting my names in the 2-4K region and sold two almost immediately. . I have been quoting things high trying to be Schwartz and Berkens but have yet to sell one.  I figured I would bring in a little cash so I quoted those same names lower and the negotiations led to sales.  I may not have killed it but now I have $4K that I didn’t have.  Crazy to think under $1K to $4K over 18 months is giving low quotes.

5.  For the millionth year in a row I can’t believe how much money people have tied up in complete junk names.  I received numerous emails with names for sale and all I can think is of all the time, effort and money that this person has wasted on the names.  It could be used in such better ways

6.  People forget about opportunity costs. A friend asked me what I thought of a name. The owner wanted $50K.  It was an awesome name.  A category killer.  Probably worth that.  But I told him he could buy a lot of other names for that price that were also category killers.   The difference is they had a lot less risk.  Probably not as good of a chance at selling for $200K plus later, but less chance of getting beat out by a new technology.  Names like last as long as domain names exist.  Not all names do.

7.  I said it a few times last week, but there are some great people in this industry. People that I would hang out with even if we both weren’t in domain names.  I truly enjoyed talking with Chris Baldwin about his beautiful children and new French home and property.  Not only is he a great domainer but he’s a heck of a re-modeler.  And Andy Booth may have bought and sold some of the best names on the Internet but he will keep you in stitches with his sense of humor.  Would hang out with him any time.  All in all our industry has some great people that undoubtedly would be successful in anything they do.

8.  The highs and lows of my parking and adsense have been incredible in June.  There were days I was making $40 a day and other days .31 cents.  All on the same names.  I realize it all depends on who is buying ads those days and CPC but easily the most range I’ve seen.  And not just one day here and there.  Last week great, this week pennies.

9.  I can spend thousands of dollars but I have trouble buying anything else.  Anything that loses value I don’t seem to want to buy.  It’s taken me 3 years to buy a car.  I hardly ever buy clothes.   Pretty much food, day to day items, and travel.  Maybe stuff for the house.  It’s like, if I can’t make money on it I don’t buy it.  Not one vice besides exercise and diet coke

10.  People texted and emailed me over the last few weeks about why I had all the nice things said about me lately and I think I know the answer.  Being rounded.  Realizing that family comes first (brought my Mother to a domain show, maybe a first).  I talk more about my daughter than my business.  I smile when I talk.  I have a general enthusiasm for what I do.  Plain and simple, I look happy.  I seem to have found something  people are looking for.  Happiness.  And I’m not afraid to share it.  It’s not that I don’t have bad days it’s that I try and work past the bad and never take the good for granted


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  1. Congratulations my friend for reslizing the wisdom of our country founders. In persue of happiness is the wisest and most rewarding thing we can do for ourselves and our family.

  2. Poor Uncle is 100% correct and I got the exact same emotion out of this article; its all about the Pursuit of Happiness. With this mindset you will continue to be a leader in this industry.

  3. Really nice post, Shane. #3 and #9 are my daily fixations.

    I love looking at parking stats, especially DNS, but as you pointed out, they are always reported hours or even days later (I checked DNS before reading your article and stats are updated to Jun 13th).

    Domaining changed my mindset in a way that I’m constantly looking at everything I buy from an investment point of view, as if it were a domain.

  4. Would not be a Domain Shane post without putting another blog down. Didn’t you ever learn the Golden Rule?

    1. Charles,

      Don’t know the Golden Rule. I know the Golden Arches and I used to love their cheeseburgers. I now try and avoid it. I usually say things that others are already thinking as verified by Francois post.

  5. I have about 60 domains, all .COM… all from
    4 letters to 2-3 words mostly and most all
    many years old. Last year I sold about
    5 domains in the $1000 range each, one for about $500. This year so far I have sold 1! I sell mainly through the major resellers but have landing pages and other
    promotions. I wish sales would pick up. sales gives me a reference point.

  6. Dear Shane,
    Happy people don’t go around putting other people down without legitimate reasons for doing so.

    Happy people don’t associate with people like Rick.

    Also, happy people don’t try and make money out of another person’s sadness or misery.

    You still have a lot to learn Shane. I hope you find the time in your “busy” schedule to do so.

  7. POINT 1

    Funny because this was discussed Saturday with Mike and Theo of DomainGang (who were the two bloggers who used to sometimes republish old posts).
    Theo immediately accepted to stop these practices (thanks) while Mike was more reluctant, so I told Mike to strongly refrain the frequency and highly indicate in the headline it’s a repost.

    But as I got a pair of blogger’s complaints more after your post and because it’s always difficult to handle “gray” rules. Then the rule at is now clear and is the same to all bloggers with no exception:

    ZERO reposts or it will be dropped and if this practice persists the account will be closed as I do not plan to be doing the cop.

  8. Usually I see the domain listings, but today I think these insights are like a bonus. Being frugal is good for the individual but corporates wants people to be uneconomical.

  9. It is like you are in high school and you need to put others down to feel good about yourself. Did the blog Wanna Develop say things about you?

    I respect that you run a business, do lots of exercise, do domaining, and make time for family all in one day… but I have no respect for a grown man who needs to consistently put others down. Very immature.

    1. Charles,
      Got you on the first comment. You’re just repeating yourself now . I don’t see the need for repost. Doesn’t matter if its Elliot or Mike.

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