10 Thoughts and Findings on This Fine Sunday Afternoon

Sep 23 2012

I don’t get many days to surf around the Internet or collect my thoughts but today has been one of them. Here are ten things that I came across the table in today’s galavanting.

1. I’m sure we’ve all done it.  Thought of a name we’d like to buy only to see that it’s parked on Internet Traffic. Finding out the owner is a professional domain investor as well. It’s like a going shopping at the Emporium in Las Vegas. You certainly could buy it but it’s going to cost you.

2. And you wonder why Apple maps sucks in relation to Google maps? Apple has 100 people in their maps division. Google has 7100.  I think like the apps and most things Apple, give it time and it will succeed.

3.  Does this article from Mike Cohen surprise anyone? I’ve seen bad Better Business Bureau reviews but 246 complaints? This is unbelievable.  WeBuyWatches.com and watchbrokers.com are now under court appointed receiver.  Shame shame

4.   I dismiss all high priced auctions at Godaddy because I really don’t feel comfortable bidding on high priced domains there.  It’s like going to a car auction and bidding on cars that may or may not really be available for purchase when its all said and done. The en.org non sale verifies my thoughts

5.  Gwen Stefani is hotter now than she was 15 years ago. Hard to believe a 42 year old can have a body like that.

6.  Not sure if it was the downtime of Godaddy but the 7 day CPM of the Godaddy affiliate programs links and banners were down 60-90%.  Those aren’t my stats but CJs.  There were some hosting links that were $150 CPM that were down to $7 for the Weekly CPMs.  Mine took a hit this month on my sites as well. Not much but some.  The big hit was the dropping of the bonus program for total sales.

7.  Every time I visit the forums, the facebook groups, and other social spaces I can feel the desperation of most of the sellers.  They have bad names and really have no outlet to sell their names other than put them up for sale to other domainers.   They are not good enough to get any bids at Godaddy and they never receive any offers.  It’s like going into a town where everyone is unemployed.  Everything is for sale in an effort to raise money but the good stuff is all gone

8. This is the problem of America today

9.  As the domain industry progresses there seems like less and less to talk about on the blogs.  It could be just me but we’ve covered almost all of the basics several times now all that’s left is personal views and the occasional news.  People that are willing to share have shared.

10.  I’ve noticed a trend lately.  Buying old domains and either selling that age or putting a website and promoting the age on Flippa.   Seems to be working for many.  Age is one of the key drivers of the site and people often confuse age of the domain with age of the site.  I haven’t tried it yet but I do go there daily and see lots of the old domains sold form Namejet showing up.

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  1. steve

    Thank God I am a genius.
    As said genius I can say we either vote out Obama and his vice president Michelle or we die.

  2. Alan

    I had no idea that RICK LATONA was a big time crook, I guess you learn something new every day.I wondered why he was peddling those 2 bit websites on his weekly newsletter he must need the money, I haven’t seen so much overpriced garbage since the Huge Domains fire sale.

    And yes, Gwen Stefani is hotter than ever.

  3. tbonz

    RE: R Latona, when i started in domains around 2006 I found his site with him boasting about hot s%@# hot he was & all the great things he has done & will do & how much $ he has, blah blah blah.
    My instincts from the start told me that guy was bad news with an ego trip that needed a major tune up due to the simple fact that I CAN READ BETWEEN THE LINES with guys like him. This proves my feelings were spot on!!

  4. John

    GoDaddy needs to not allow people to renew names that hit auction. Plain and Simple.
    The auction department needs Mgmt that understands markets and market integrity better.

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