5 Letter Dot Coms Continue to Rise In Price

Sep 26 2011

I could go on for days about how many trends I missed and blew huge opportunities to make big money. By the time I completely “got” generics and which domains to buy they had gotten expensive.  I knew CVCV dot coms were going to have great value but didn’t buy enough and wasn’t greedy enough on sales. But 5 letter dot coms I hit.  They are simple, short, and perfect for the short attention span of today’s Internet surfers.  Many ask me why I preach when all it does is increase the value?  It’s because I have a pretty good portfolio and two, most people still don’t know what constitutes a great 5L.com.   You would think going through the monthly sales chart would help identify which 5 letters sell the best but it actually confusing because there really is no rhyme or reason why certain names sell for such high prices.  As usual it comes down to how bad the buyer wants it and how motivated the seller is.   Here’s a look at some of the 5 letter dot coms that have sold over the past month or so.

Boote.com $13,700

Wakoo.com $10,412

Elate.com $10,000

ESlip.com $5000

NVibe.com $9500

Windu.com $10,000

Besan.com $4500

Maxxo.com $4200

Neeed.com $2466

Botou.com $4200

Eburo.com $2788

Hubme.com $2588

Yezzz.com $2177

Vyral.com $2000

Tangu.com $3000

It’s hard to take much from the numbers other than the fact that the names(for the most part) can be pronounced easily.  What always surprised me is the price people are willing to pay good money for misspelled words. But you aren’t going to get viral.com very cheap so spending $2000 on vyral.com probably not so bad.

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  1. Bob

    Some nice sales, i have just bought a couple of 5L pronouncable myself, hopefully i can get a nice price for them down the line, thanks for the info Shane.

  2. Steve Jones

    Short brandable domains in general are in high demand right now, mostly thanks to social media and the VC-backed companies commonly getting them for their brands.

    It’s tough when you see a trend like that forming because brandable domains are harder to sell than generics – more often than not, you need the buyers to come to you. That said, we’ve definitely seen a lot of growth in our own sales of these names and expect it to continue, even to the point where resellers will be paying fairly good prices for them compared to the past couple years.

  3. Poor Uncle

    Donald…pay Shane to list your name. I think he provide that service for a fee.
    Once listed..if don’t sell…you will always have a reference to his blog post to market your name.
    Don’t know how much he charge…but spend some money to make money. (if you have it)…otherwise, sit tight and wait for the magic.

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