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5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Domain Buyer

“Act like you been there” is a term you hear often.  Sure,  as a domainer you should make lots of sales but every once in a while you get that sale that comes out of nowhere and is MUCH higher than you expected.  Here’s 5 things to avoid saying during your giddy from happiness phase of selling (sarcasm ahead)

1. Your bid was three times higher than anyone else has ever offered me.

Nothing feels better than to jump the gap.  The gap being what 100’s of other people have offered for the domain and what you just sold it for.  Always make them feel like you’re settling

2. “Even though I couldn’t make squat with this thing,I’m sure you’ll do better”

They have a dream, don’t burst their bubble.  Let them think that despite your countless parking program changes, your mini site development, and you’re fancy landing pages, you couldn’t make a $1 a week.  Let them think they are about to start rolling in the dough.

3.  “I just bought this thing on the forums last week”

Domain buyers all like to pretend like they made a “barn find”.  You know,  that rare domain that was sitting in Grandma’s barn and they unearthed and got for a song.  Don’t let them know you dug it out of the trash and cleaned it up for a publicity tour

4.  ” You mind if I email Ron Jackson immediately and get this on the DnJournal sales list?”

Remember DnJournal,  is a sellers brag board and not a buyers.  Only sales over $100K  look cool for buyers.  Shows they have cash.  Regardless of whether it was a good buy or not, if you spend over $100K  it’s inconsequential, at least they had the money to spend , which is more than most of us.

5.   Don’t start every email to the buyer “Dear Mr. EndUser”

Nobody likes to be called names.  Especially a name that mean “highest price possible” category. It may give away the fact that you are very satisfied with the price received.

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2 Replies to “5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Domain Buyer”

  1. Kind of like that just sold on bido. Gotta write a blog on this sale. Myself I was guilty of casting a bid too, until I saw the typo, while the other guys just keep on pushing the price up. let me know if you do write a post, i would love to read it…

  2. I saw that today and was mortified, Mike. One thing I do as a habit when buying from an aftermarket, is to copy/paste the name to check against the dictionary. Also, never forget to convert to uppercase, folks!

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