Too Busy to Look Through Domains Dropping This Morning So I’ll Give You a Joke

Apr 21 2010

Some NSFW language (but funny) and this part is to make sure that the bad language is not part of the feeds on the various sites which have my feed. I would not want them to have bad language in their headlines, even though it is necessary to use the words for comedic effect.



A guy calls Sedo and says to the rep “I want to buy a fucking domain”
“Sir, I’d be happy to help you, but please do not use that type of language.”
“Miss, I want to buy a fucking domain right now.”
“Please sir, if you continue on this way I’ll have to get the manager.”
“Whatever it takes, I still want to buy a big fucking awesome domain today.”
The rep briskly leaves and then returns with her manager who then says, “Sir, what seems to be the problem here?”
“Listen mister, I want to buy a fucking domain for five million dollars and I have the money ready to spend”
“Oh, and is this bitch giving you a problem?”

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    1. Post author

      Sedo does a great job overall. They are great for our industry. Not saying to kiss butt only to thank them for helping me make money

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