A Few Notable NameJet Sales Over the Last Few Weeks

Nov 24 2012

I probably should follow more Namejet auctions that I do but unfortunately I only follow domains that I actually want to buy. Here are some of the final sales prices that caught my eye

SugarBerry.com  $866  I put it on my list as a great brand and it brought a little more than I figured it would

1988.com $20,499   Damn nice price

Jupo.com $4400  Solid price for a solid CVCV.com

OnlineTaxSoftware.com  $2801  I think it has sold for more in the past but still a fair price

GJ.net $6027  This one went cheap

00.net (zero zero) $8300  Surprised how hight this one went for

Trundle.com $4922    Good tech name, has a nice sound to it but for this price it better

HomeStorage.com  edited for Elliot, more than $1000 🙂

R-R.com  $5090  L-L.com owners got all giddy when they saw the final price

Piso.com  $12,000   I think this was a great buy.  Will go for much more later

0-1.com  $1400  Had no idea this type had this much value

Pinged.com $1755   I thought it would go for $1500 so I was pretty close

A Few From October

 Touchy.com $4100  Barely got beat out on this one.  Great iPad app or touch screen name

Copied.com $8008   I figured this was a $10,000 name

Detained.com  $6006  I thought this was a $2000 and was wrong

BananaKetchup.com  I stole this one for under $10o.   I should be a millionaire soon.  mmmmmmmmm banana ketchup

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    1. Post author


      Really? A perfect example of exact match being useless. If you are buying a trundle what are you buying/looking for? A trundle BED. That’s the statistical value. I think it was purchased for the brand value but we’ll only know at build out.

  1. Tony

    An exact match domain especially one-worder is NEVER useless. I was the buyer and I can tell you I did not buy it for brand value.

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