SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 26th

Nov 26 2012

Watch out!  It’s CyberMonday and I’ve got some great deals for you.  Below I’ve listed some names for the low low cost of free.  Courtesy of  If you buy any two of the names below, the price of free will be cut in half and I’ll have a nice Christmas.  How’s that for a deal.  Here they are and there are some solid names today Great positive term. Just have to figure out what “IT” is. 16 years old No Bidders. The best know Big Pit is the coal museum in Wales but could be other uses. Two short words are worth more than $12 IMO I want to be in Chinese names. Can’t go wrong with billions of possible buyers (yes there aren’t one billion people named Yen Ju) 14 years old. For $20 it’s a pretty good name to sell hockey equipment. People do still play hockey right? A true PR7 which is pretty rare. Former domain of the University of Washington. I think they renew but we’ll see  This is old enough to vote although like most Americans it won’t   Another Asian names that is going to fly.  Wish I owned it  Me gusto mucho.  They don’t call it this any more but anyone over 40 knows what it means  A bit long but still a great name. Everytime I try and fix something and screw it up I tell people I just “modded” it  There are already restaurants with this name and there are bound to be more to come  You better own as well but I do like the name  Kickstarter for beta gadgets  Will always be viewed as a TechCrunch copycat but I can imagine this a name people would want  I like type names and the prices always seem to be higher than average  Another Q but another solid price coming most likely  One of my favorite on the board.  I’m in long on this one


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  1. mike

    dude for real i like the idea of promoting godaddy codes.

    get real, spend 10 bucks or so from your million dollar bank deposit on that graphics. Pay acro like 10 bucks he will do nice job.

    although really like the idea and thanks for the heads up, i know where to look for codes now.

  2. Ohad Adi Weitzman

    The best names here are and and I love how the name can be used as an acronym as well. I can see those going for 5 figures easily.

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