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A List of Eight Sales Over $100K At Last Month is very private about their sales.  Their customers tend to not want the purchase price or recently acquired domains released to the public.  It’s really no different than Sedo except that Sedo reports all those that don’t fall under the privacy clause. does it a little different in that the public auction numbers are there for people to grab but they aren’t going to gather them for you.  And the private sales?  They tend to stay very private.

I have recently been trying to persuade them to try and convince some of their buyers to release the numbers because it’s good for the industry to know the prices of domains in the world market.  To set precedent for future domain sales.  While I do love the weekly lists at DnJournal, is selling millions of dollars in domains in the Chinese market that is not being reported or recorded in our industry’s top price records.  I am hoping to change that and start reporting some real numbers from the Chinese marketplace.  But we are moving in baby steps.

We were able to convince some buyers to release them but only using the category $100,000 plus.  The public auction numbers are exact because it is public information.  Here are 8 domains that sold for over $100,000 in November over at  While I can’t list exact price for these domains they are listed in order of sale price from highest to lowest. Sold for over 300k USD (means home) $100K plus (tb short for big site in china: $100K plus (means baby) $100K plus (sequential numbers, ending with best number 8) (short for big city in China: Tianjin city), ¥901,000.00 (141,889 USD) $100K plus (means search), ¥688,888.00 (108,486 USD) (double 8, and also telephone area code of Taiwan)

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. I felt TB went too cheap.

    And is a very good domain name in Chinese side because there are quite a few meanings to it. The good point is it can develop into different keywords and industries. JIA can be Home in Chinese and it also can be Plus in Chinese. There are a few more meanings to it.

    Just some info.

    XY, Michael

  2. I felt the price for TB is too good for 100k if owner can flip to TaoBao. Lets see in the future. I felt that at the Chinese side they will feel the domain name TaoBao is better than TB. Buyer of TB can take his chance to flip to TaoBao or etc US, UK since its such a premium domain name. Not a bad price.

    Just my opinion.

    XY, Michael

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