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Friday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Around the Net 12-30-11

I have now done over 500 of these daily lists.  As Jamie of Dot Weekly so eloquently put it this past year “anyone can do that list”.  He didn’t say it in a mean way just pointing out that the list itself wasn’t anything special.  I agree , anyone can do this list but I am proud I’ve kept it up so long  People do them for a week, maybe a few months, even try and be funny, but then life gets in the way.  It takes over an hour each and every night going through all the lists and if you have other things to do, you’re just not going to be able to do it every day. Some days like today, may not be as strong as others but there is always something worth looking at.  I’ve learned more about picking good domains in the last year from doing this list, than I would have in 5 just casually browsing.  I probably have a better grasp of liquidation ie auction value of names that many people in this industry.  It’s not because I’m better or smarter than anyone, it’s that I’ve looked over millions of names and results in the last 2.5 years.  So enjoy the list, I don’t see it going anywhere in the near future and I’ll put down my horn that I’ve been tooting and let you get to today’s list. Great letters but a tongue twister.  If you can say it ten times fast without messing it up I have a prize for you. $30,000 for this nice gem. 103 bidders love this Etsyish generic The guy that’s already bid on this is not going to be happy I put this on my list.  It’s a pretty nice brandable with some age (11 years old) Probably a good site for me but I know I’ll never build it out.  14,000 searches and no bidders With virtual fax companies popping up everywhere (give you a phone number and you can receive faxes through email) you will have a great brand to sell with this one 549,000 searches trumps the tld. There are a ton of companies that would buy this name that are presently using worse names Funny, I was thinking this would be a great name for a male enhancement drug.  Ironically there is one called endurox but everyone types in Endurex.  Easy money not hard. Easy website about bananas or grandmothers.  Or a website about both……maybe you should forget that last one. I put it up here to offset my adult names I’m very sour on dot nets but as a runner I am cogniscent of the millions of people that are searching for this.  I’m not one of them thank goodness

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  1. “I agree , anyone can do this list but I am proud I’ve kept it up so long.”

    And you should be. More than half the battle is coming up with persistence. Anyone can say that anyone can do it, but usually they mean for one day. And yes, anyone can do it for one day. Imitation is very easy to do. Animals are even capable of that. To keep it up for 2 years, well, that takes something different (determination) and has to be lauded and respected. Much is learned from constant repetition. I think this is the point. Kudos to you. I will continue to read your blog because I SEE that you put in the work and therefore what you say has “grounding”, it’s not just a “flash” idea thing but also has legs underneath it.

  2. Keep up the good work Shane! I know putting together domain name lists and publishing them on a blog is not the first thing we all want to do. A lot of work is involved to keep publishing them and little is ever said by those who look at them when they are published.

    1. Thanks Jamie,

      I didn’t want it to come across as mean but the comments you made have stuck with me and motivated me. Not to prove anything but a reminder that there are a lot of things that can easily be done by people but they don’t have the drive or commitment to pull them off for an extended period of time. I bet you didn’t realize how much you influenced me :). Thanks again

  3. Hmm…do you ever accept donations to NOT list a name? You’re killing me here! (And yes, I know you’re just providing a service). Still, everyday I hope the name(s) I’m after won’t be listed! (slight humor here)

    1. Nadia,

      Believe it or not I get a daily email from 4 or 5 people with few names they politely ask me to skip. Usually they aren’t even on my list but every once in a while they are and depending how deep my list is for the day, I may or may not skip them. Also depends how good of friend they are :). I don’t take money though, I’m Ron Jacksonish in that way. Just money to list not delist.

  4. Good to know. I do appreciate the lists and the fact that you’ve been able to churn them out so consistently. I’ve bought a couple of names that have been listed. It’s also a good indicator that my metrics are on the right track, because I usually recognize one or more of the names. Thank you for continuing to do this on a daily basis.

    That said, I think today’s selection of names is *absolutely dreadful*, and recommend that everyone not waste their time bidding on any of them. At all. Except Screek. You can bid to your heart’s content on that one.

  5. I knew you didn’t intend it to come across as mean Shane or you would have emailed me.

    I didn’t realize that I influenced you but that is nice to hear. Motivation is a great thing to have so keep it up!

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