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A Review of Some of My Latest Domain Purchases

I would imagine that the guys that buy hundreds of names a week would have much more exciting domains to talk about but for me, each purchase is a little step towards building a million dollar portfolio.  My entire portfolio has been built from $100 investment in 1995.  I only purchased a few names from 95 to 99 and even in 1999 I am proud to say (sarcasm) that I still bought terrible names.  Even so, I have been fortunate to have sold some websites and domains that have paid for everything I do.  I have not invested one cent of outside money into what I have.  It’s all been built on a buy, then sell, then reinvest strategy.  Hopefully that lowered the bar on judgment of my new purchases. Here they are I wanted the name as soon as I saw it.  It reminds me of youth, kids, and fun.  It’s a word we all use and it seems to invoke a smile in everyone that hears the name.  My wife and daughter love it and if they show any interest at all it must be a good domain. I now own my town.  There is Urbana and there is Champaign,  but when anyone speaks of this area they always say ChampaignUrbana.  The main reason for this is the largest entity in our town is the University of Illinois and it is half in Urbana and half in Champaign. Although there are many uses, one of the biggest problems I have with my business is ranking for the city of Champaign.  Google will put the businesses at the top based on their city location and although we are based in Urbana, we do most of our work in Champaign.  I am going to use this to give us a little SEO boost. While I would have loved to have the plural, I bought this name for a very low price.  If you’ve ever had an Asian Pear you know that they are one of the sweetest fruits there is.  They have become a hot seller at our nursery and it is part of my strategy to own the keyword domain for my best selling/hottest products. I sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of repellents each season.  We do $15K of one kind of rabbit repellent alone.  I would rather have the dot com but between the .net and dot org, I went for the dot org. I think I can do $30K plus in sales a year online in repellents once I get going.  Anyone want to build me a site?  No affiliate, dropship, stuff here.  I already have the product. For some crazy reason I have always had this infatuation with donating cars for a tax deduction.  I couldn’t understand how Kars for Kids could spend so much money on advertising.  Not to mention that little jingle kept sticking in my head.  Maybe it’s the $33 CPC I love.  I had purchased earlier and planned to start my website.  I had a logo made and was ready to go.  Then this one came about and I realized it’s a much better name. It’s still a dot org which was very important to what I’m building.  I also figure I could sell them as a package if I sell.  Almost the exact same keywords but easier to remember., here I come for a redo and Just adding to my collection of 5Ls.  The price was right and they fit my “style” of the types of names in my “Startup and App” portfolio.  I’ve done real well on these types of names.

That’s actually most of my recent purchases.  For the first time in a while I’ve sold three times more than I’ve purchased.  I’m trying to raise some funds for my biggest project ever.  I’ll detail that more as I we get closer to release date. And again, it’s nice to cash flow everything I do with what I already have.  I realize I could bring in outside money and make it move faster but that’s what our nursery is for.  It gets all the “real” money.

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  1. Shane – I think your on to something with repellent. Why not make an investment and go after the .com?? You would probably have to go outside of your strategy to do so, but this could be a killer business and fund allot of name purchases going forward.

  2. Pretty cool names… man i must say reading your blogs help me out alot… im only 22 , i have been buying and selling domains fulltime for about a year & 7 months now… u have really helped me avoid a shit load of misteaks…lol Also i came across 2 domain names that have estibot value of $85,000 each… should i register these names? i mean how much should i trust estibot? whats is taken into account to give both of these names a $85,000 appraisal each…. please give me your honest opinion..


  3. would be a great kids brand. Great name Shane!

    Thanks for the new car in trade for, I needed it. 😉

  4. Some smart buys, Puddles if you did not pay too much should work out well. Asian Pear is another nice name.

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