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Of All the Names You Are Offered Via Email, How Many Do You Buy?

One of the positive and negative of daily blogging is the amount of email I receive. A mong all those emails are countless amounts of “I have these domains, would you like to buy them?”.

Ninety nine percent of those emails are trying to sell worthless domains and/or asking prices that are completely unreasonable. You would think that they would know that I habe a pretty good grasp of domain values but for some reason they think I’m Mike Tyson during his spending spree of the 90’s.

But then comes the one percent that makes it all worth it. That email that has a domain that is exactly what you’ve been looking for with an owner that is willing to have an intelligent negotiation. I actually had that the other day and ended up buying a and a both at what I thought were fair prices. I could also tell that this was a seasoned domain investor and that he bought the names early and was making good money as well. It seemed to be a win win situation. He also turned out to be a nice guy that I will keep in touch with. All in all a great transaction.

Another benefit of being “known” in this industry is people feel comfortable pushing the domain before I pay. Since I don’t know them I always require this or we’ll use escrow. In this case he pushed the domains and I immediately sent the money. So I ask this question. How often do you email other domainers or how many domains do you buy from blind emails?

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7 Replies to “Of All the Names You Are Offered Via Email, How Many Do You Buy?”

  1. I can recall one domain that I purchased from a newsletter as I had recently sold a similar name for about 15 times the BIN price. However, I generally find that newsletters are filled with either poor-quality names or priced at levels that don’t seem logical.

  2. Sometimes I get emails from people who have come to my blog, or through forum PM’s, offering a list of not so great domains. A few times there are good domains but

    But a few times I’ve gotten emails for a .com domain that recently dropped, and a domain drop company picked it up, and I think they contact people who have the same name in .net, org, .ca and so on to see if they’re interested. I’ve bought a few domains like this for around $100 each and was glad to get the .com when I already owned a lesser extension.

  3. People even email me the teen domainer to sell domains, I look at most of them and I think I bought one once but none of them are ever worth much of anything.

  4. I have never tried to reach out to any domainers (or bloggers) to sell any names. Like you’ve stated in other postings, selling domains to other domainers is like selling wholesale; not much money to be made.
    Pretty good idea though, wanna buy “”? I’ll cut you a deal at $3k! 🙂
    Keep up all the great bloggin’, Shane!

  5. I suppose from the email itself you could tell if it is just another worthless domain sellers. Nowadays, it is hard to find reliable sellers. Good thing, you found one.

    Btw, nice blog you have here.

  6. Here are some great domains for sale:

  7. Personally I have never bought any domains through emails on my blog – but it does anooy me when I’m the one asking to buy a domain that is just sitting there – parked -or even worse just directs you to the registrars parked page- and the owner has no intention of ever developing but is asking a ridiculous price that we both know is insane. I dont get the mentality of most people. everyone thinks they have a goldmine and people have money shooting out of their azz and can pay whatever absurd amount they ask! its annoying. People need a reality “domain value” check.

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