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Tuesday’s Daily Drops and Auctions

I must have really touched something in people with yesterday’s post about being a part time domain investors. A ton of comments and personal feelings expressed and my email box exploded. In among the emails was an offer to sell me a shitty gardening domain for $5,000. Leave it to a domainer to try and sell you a domain while commenting on your article. Now onto the names. I’m not real good with roman numerals but I think this means like 4000 or something in roman. I thought I was the only one that liked this
type of name but it was registered way back in 1998 and there are 25 other bidders I have to admit bell sales are a little down after that whole libery bell thing but I heard that they might be picking up soon so
you may want this thing just in case The dot org makes it
sound like an organization trying to save the beaches but as long as they click the ads then I guess it doesn’t really matter. If your college was like mine this site will be full of pictures of girls,pizza,beer, and dead squirrels. Then again, the squirrels may be unique to my experience. I don’t like it at all but 40 bids and a pseudo I thought I would point it out since I’m not finding much today

Domain Spotlight: