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Oct 02 2012

I promise you, this will be my last discussion about lists.  I’m pretty sure nobody cares to talk about it any more.  You either like them or you don’t and you either visit the blog that put’s them out or you don’t.  Yet again I find myself causing trouble with another blog writer.  I always write don’t mess with crazy and there I am again. messing with crazy.

I was so kindly emailed by a few people about a thread at Namepros saying that I was being shady by leaving off a few names a month from my list.  I let it go for several hours and then decided to post this

I normally would just let this go as I have no need to defend myself but I thought there needs to be some real info behind the accusations. (This is Shane by the way)

First the easy one, Big is a word to quantify size. Big is relative. I use the word Big because I thought it was a good title. Anything more that’s read into it is personal and has nothing to do with me.

Second. Plain and simple, I put names on my list that I think can be bought and sold for more later. They are not always the best names. Some are obvious, I realize that. Some are pushing it, I know that as well. I am making a personal judgement call and it’s OK to not like them. Over the course of the week I can guarantee someone somewhere saw a name that they did not see in their scan. Rick Schwartz even wrote a post about a domain he considered his buy of the year that he found only through the list.

I have written the post every, single, day for three years. For two years before one penny was made from affiliate program (by the way, everyone who gets Namejet affliate money owes me because I was a driver of that program and if you don’t believe me ask Matt). I write the list because I scan the list every night for hours. I figured I might as well put down the names that I thought were good and share.

Now to answer the “hiding”. How in the hell can you hide public information? Not publicizing is correct, hiding? Wrong. I buy a grand total of 3 or 4 names on Namejet a month….at most. Last month I had 5 names that I would have put on the list that I didn’t. I bought 2. One was All Green Lights dot com. The name of my new company. You want that one? So out of 500 names I posted I kept 5 off the list that I would have purchased.

I find it funny that I am one of the most open and honest bloggers out there and this guy has the audacity to say I’m shady. I share everything. Many things I shouldn’t. I have absolutely nothing to hide and put everything I’m thinking and doing into written word.

So DVDrip you can like or dislike lists or my lists, I don’t care. But if you want to accuse me of something that is not true I have an issue. I work hard at everything I do and my results are always somewhere in between pathetic effort to brilliant. Rarely touching the two extremes. People that claim either are either lackeys or naive. I am going to put you at naive

So I’ll put this out.  Does leaving 5 names a month off a list make one less than open and honest?  Is OnlineDomain dude just trying to draw attention?   My agenda is to make money and have fun doing it. I’ve always put that out there.  I always figured there is plenty of money to be made being open and honest.   If anything I lose money by not having a filter and constantly messing with crazy and giving publicity to those that don’t deserve it

Here’s the full thread at NamePros

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  1. Tim

    Shane – This whole debate is dumb. I’ve visited your site my fair share of times to read your list, especially on days when I don’t have time to scan things for myself. So you are fine writing a list and you should ignore and be a bigger person then the criticizers.

    The one problem I do have with you is it seems like you want to take all this credit and you did a list to be a good guy for the past few years.

    “For two years before one penny was made from affiliate program”

    Maybe you did not earn a cent on the domains within your list though I believe Snapnames and GoDaddy have had affiliate programs for years, but I’d bet you that 90% of your blog’s traffic was here just to read the list, and you were able to get ad placements purchased to be on your site which is a result of that traffic, so your lists provided a financial benefit, and a traffic benefit to you. So you should stop acting like you deserve a humanitarian reward for having a list before Namejet had an affiliate program.

    I’d expect this back and forth bickering from my children not grown men and your sense of entitlement rivals that of the premadonna sports players.

  2. Mr.T

    Geez, so much time and energy going to waste.

    It’s your blog and it’s your list! What does that mean? That means you can put whatever you want on it and you can call your list whatever you want. You can list 2 domains, 20 domains or 200 domains. It’s your call.

    Let people whine, cry and complain all they want. If they feel cheated or whatever they should go to NJ and GD and do the research themselves.

    PS: If I was going to bid on specific domains, I wouldn’t list them either. Why? Because competition is a b!tch 🙂

    Keep up the good work, you’re doing great.

  3. Kevin M.

    Who cares what dvdrip/onlinedomains thinks. Just another wanna be a somebody blogger, who posts nothing new domain news-wise or informative, just the same general postings already posted by others.

  4. Viljami

    Word. I’m pretty sure there a lot of people out there who like and appreciate your frank and honest style. My favorite domaining blog solely because of that. (Yes, good info too.)

  5. Garry Epperson

    I read your list precisely because I don’t have to spend an hour going through it. These others have so many names on them I get tired of looking at them. I think yours has the perfect amount of names on it. Your blog is by far my favorite and I’d say a lot of people feel the same. I just wish you would answer your damn email. 🙂

    1. Post author


      You are not the only person to say that about email. I switched to the new iPhone and didn’t hit the transfer everything to the new phone. THEN my computer with the backup had the hard drive go out the next day. I’ve been too lazy to set them back up so I wait until I get home to answer. Then I am too tired and I say I’ll wait until tomorrow. But when I wake up its always today so I don’t. I promise to get back on it. I’m getting to be one of those guys that I don’t like 🙂

  6. Tom S

    Like Mr. T’s your what you want with it..I read it regularly and have no problems with anything on it. I reg’d the name “” after my dealings with a “crazy”. If I don’t develope it, I’d be happy to let you list all your crazy’s on it!

  7. Nebraska


    I think it’s obvious that your lists are a humorous snapshot of *some* of the best domains that are dropping. You will sprinkle in an obvious loser from time to time because it fits your sense of humor. Your humor and wit are what brings people back to your site.

    IMO, dvdrip is just acting like an ass because nobody knows who he is and now people are talking.

  8. aquario

    I agree with the: it’s your site you list what you want to list. I dont care if you get paid by people buying ads because of the traffic by posting 20 domains and not 30.

    Now, if I PAID you to give me the very best domains available daily, then yes, i would expect you to show me everything and not keep 5 for your own, but i dont pay you, the advertisers pay you…

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