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“Boond boond se ghada bharta hain”: 8 Sites I Learn From Every Day

I saw this quote in a post on DnForum by MediaWiz.  It means ” The Cup of Knowledge is Filled One Drop at a Time”.  It’s an old Hindi saying that I really like because it captures my approach to learning and life.  Work on things a little each day and eventually you’ll be amazed at what you have over time.  Similar to my saying of “inch by inch, life’s a cinch”, in today’s impatient world, many young people don’t realize that things take time.  Everyone wants to know what you know, have what you have, but they don’t want to put in the time it takes to get there.   When it comes to learning how to make money through domain investing or the Internet, here are 7 places I visit daily to add a little to what I know. They generally have little to nothing to do with domain investing but they still provide the info to make more money with domains. Fred Wilson’s blog.  Fred is a venture capitalist that has a piece of some of the most popular sites on the net.  Each day he shares his opinions and information on his blog for the world to see.  Almost as good as the post itself are the fantastic comments.  Not the me me me comments on most blogs, but usually insightful, meaningful additions to what’s already been said. Look at his stats and you’ll see that 10,000 people are right there beside me reading each day. It’s officially a marketing site but I view it as a guide to building a better site.  Sure, officially it’s marketing, but if your goal is to get more people to your sites, then reading this will certainly help.  From new themes to ways to engage your readers, there is usually something here to help you move towards making more money on your site. I bet you’re wondering how this will help you in domain investing.  This is a friend’s site and it inspires me.  It inspires me to think different.  To create things that are just a little different and to try and appeal to the senses of the readers.  The site is about interior design but when I read it I seem to say “Wow” or “That’s pretty Cool” more often than usual.   Any site or place that makes me feel that way will certainly have me revisiting quite often. I actually didn’t know about this aggregator until my articles were posted on it a few time but now I check it daily. A nice daily list of interesting articles on on anything to do with online tech. Officially called “hacker news” I think what used to be hacker is now commonplace. It gets a little chaotic in there but this forum has been around for a while and amongst all the spam and worthless junk is some pretty good info.  I can also get my questions answered pretty quickly when I encounter something I am not familiar with. I am just putting this on here to keep it out of the comments. If I didn’t put it on here I would have had 100 people say “what about TechCrunch”.   Obviously we all go to Techcrunch because they are a major source of news for all things Tech.  AOL is doing a hell of a job buying good sites.

AndySwan I’ve read Andy for a while.  He is a great investor but more importantly a great thinker.  He knows what it takes to get better and learn more and puts forth the effort to get there.  All the while he’s not afraid to share.  He doesn’t post all that often but when he does he puts up some good stuff.   Highly recommended.  If you question who he is or what he’s accomplished take a look at some of his investments. OK “learn” may be a bit of a push but I certainly enjoy the randomness of information and posts that are put up here.  Everyday I see things I never would have found on my own.  Much of it is bizarre and out there but there are certainly sections that are chock full of fresh new information and content.  And of course, always good for a laugh.

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  1. Glad you like the saying Shane! Was pleasantly surprised to see it being used as a title in your blog post.

    AVC I visit, if infrequently, AndySwan is the ‘drop’ I’m taking from this post.


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