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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Another rough list today.  Big names have been a little short this last week but then again, it’s the time that you have to look a little deeper that you find the real diamonds.  I apologize for lack of quality content lately (OK, it’s never great quality but usually entertaining) but this whole Ironman training is kicking my butt.  Ten mile run in the morning and the 30 mile bike at night only to wake up the next morning and swim a mile and half and bike another 30 that night.  Add in some 70-100 mile bikes on weekends and 17-20 mile runs and you’ll see that it’s bordering ridiculous.   I will say I’m taking a lot of photos because this is as good as I’ll ever look.  But without exaggeration, I’ve been falling asleep at my computer while I put this daily list together.   I’m starting to get the hang of this training thing so look for some better/funny stuff coming up soon. Now onto the names. To present or indicate an event beforehand.   It has zero bids but that will most likely change before the deadline comes. Means key in spanish.  If this were I bet this would do pretty well but because it’s in Espanol it has no bidders. Yo me gusto este domain mucho y si no bidders es mio.   That’s as good as Spanish as I have and I was too lazy to look up bidders in Spanish. A bargain at $100.   $3600 value at Sharing photos is a big start-up focus lately.  This name would certainly do the job for that type of site.  15 bidders agree I like 4L.coms with double u and double a.  I think it looks cool and modern.  Then again I think I think a 1972 convertible Mercedes looks cool and modern. Have a daughter?  You’ll realize the value of this domain if you did.  You can’t have an 11 year old and never been to a sexy dance workshop..I mean “modern” dance workshop. This one is at Enom so if you are looking for a this is your chance to get one at a good price over at This one is a little harder to move but great CVCV Officially ends in two day but like this one enough that I am putting it up a day early The best thing to do with this name is the one thing you shouldn’t do.  LA Lakers will easily take this one back This is what Anunt was doing when he bought from Rick Schwartz

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