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Cax Got An Infusion Of Some Pretty Good Names

People were putting up quite a bit of junk the last couple weeks so I didn’t do a post because I just didn’t see a lot of names I liked. This past week I started seeing some bargains come through.  Here are a few domains I think you could flip for a profit or do a quick build out and get you money back in a few months. I almost bought this name last year because it is perfect doctor name or in my case stands for Illinois.  He’s got it down to $2500 reserve which is more than fair A $12,000 valuate price and a $200 reserve.  22,000 searches and a $6.41 CPC.  Even the $500 BIN is a pretty good price I don’t usually mess with .US unless it is a term with a ton of searches.  At 456,000 searches I think this qualifies.  And remember Google treats .US the same as dot com in the rankings.   Time to open that Bike Shop

DestinFlorida.US I forgot.  I really like this format for cities as well.  City State Country.  A domain that follows the proper protocol for the order of location.   Sounded smart didn’t I with the use of protocol? I didn’t think of it but you DO need insurance on campers.  With 2,000 searches and a big $11.95 CPC, the $175 spent here could quickly be paid back if you know how to monetize insurance domains The reserve on this is $250.  With realtor commissions at 5% I think you would be better off setting up a website with this name.  Maybe the best deal on the board Buying a car on the net has become norm and thus the huge increase in need for car shippers.  Here’s your chance to build out a lead service.  All for $725 Some may think I’m crazy here but I think this is a $100,000 plus name.  At $65,000 you could flip this for a quick $25,000 profit over in China Sorry but at these prices you can make up your money in a month with a decent site.  74,000 searches for $150 on a product more and more people are looking for seems like a pretty good deal to me

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  1. I have also seen a fair few good .us domains popping up lately, I decide to list on Godaddy, this is a domain I just recently picked up. And with two days left it is at $600. I dont have really any plans for it, so I’m happy to sell it. For someone with plans though its a really nice domain with 240,000 odd exact searches each month.

    1. @Robin,

      I think US have plenty of value if developed. As a matter of fact I think they are probably the most undervalued tld because of their development potential, but they have to be developed to have that value. The resale value of the .us domain is very limited undeveloped and because of that I don’t buy many. I want dot coms because I like to flip undeveloped names. Does that answer your question?

  2. I agree Shane, .us just frustrates. It did not have one top 100 sale for 2010 on DN Journal. I dropped what few I had, but am going to reg one that is available because it will be for development on a topic I like and have knowledge on. I know Morgan does a good job developing them. So that must be the way to get the value for the .us extension.

  3. I had 36 .us names with an estibot value of over $132,000 and let all of them expire because
    I couldn’t flip even one of them. Most domain investors told me they don’t like them because
    of the geographical limitations.

  4. Alan I don’t think you’ve done well. I had a similar situation with the domains “6star”. Nobody wanted to buy them for a year. Now at least once a week I receive an email with a bid and I’ve sold two so far. Sale domains means rather sale time than sale domain name. You need to be patient. It’s all about just one person who need your domain name.


  5. .us job sites are easy to sale. They rank good in the search engine. I’m holding onto I received an offer, but the buyer disappeared. I contacted him several times. He wanted the domain to build into a job site.

    Maybe I might add,,, and others at no reserve. I like the .us. They do produce sales. Job .us are the best. I do prefer .com. Good article. Thanks.

  6. RE: to be honest with you you’d be lucky to get it’s $32,500 current asking price at no chance for a quick ‘flip’ here, seller want’s a premium for it!

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