Dec 29 2015

Shane mentioned in his post today that in this opinion, the CHIP (or category would be the next .cc category to make a big move.  It is a category that I have been watching and buying for a while now.  There is a lot of activity in the Chinese market for this category of names with hundreds of them trading hands some days (see bonus image).  The price has been fairly steady, between $70 and $80, over the past couple of weeks, and I’m winning names for around the same price on the U.S. based auction houses.  There was a price spike up in the Chinese markets today on lower volume, and I’m hoping to start seeing a real trend of higher prices for this category.



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    1. Post author
      Travis M.

      Please elaborate with a few examples j. I would like to know more about what you are thinking.

  1. @domains

    I’d like to see the .co extension approach the same prices the .cc are getting for 3L, 3N, 4N, and now 4L. I know the .cc is easy to type but I’m still surprised how it has caught on in China. Could .ch and .cz also catch on?

    1. Steve

      Other than being the easiest and fastest extension to type in the World, .cc is also run by Verisign the same company that runs .com. That means stability to a lot of people including Chinese investors/business’s. It also means Chinese Company to many as well. I like it for Crypto Currency as well.
      .co is the country code for Colombia. Not sure how stable the Colombian gov’t is?? That may be the issue with adoption?? Good marketing effort for .co though and it is very short.
      .ch and .cz are a long shot. imho.

      1. Post author
        Travis M.

        Thanks for commenting @domains & Steve. Who knows what will and will not catch on. I’ve seen sales of .gg show up on some of these platforms lately, and I think it has a $79 yearly fee. You would think the only ones to really catch fire would be the inexpensive to renew tlds. .co certainly fits the bill there. Personally, I would like to see less extensions take off. Too many, and the number of available names should drive down the price of the rest.

    2. ShaneCultra


      I have never liked dot co. It is a typo of dot com in my opinion. I don’t need to go on about .cc as I’ve said plenty over the years. I don’t expect .ch or .cz to ever “catch on”

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