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A reader asked yesterday if I could explain why is at $4400 with 8 days to go (it’s actually $4350 @ GoDaddy) and does that mean that we are seeing an explosion in the rise of no matter what numbers are involved.  As for names, they have certainly exploded in value.  This explosion has been taking place for a while now with names without a zero or four rising the most and lifting the rest of the names along with them.

I would certainly caution against using any one sale as an indicator of the market — especially a sale that isn’t complete yet.  The volume of names sold is very low so it is hard to place a value on any one name with a lot of confidence. Beyond that, a name could have some significance that we are not aware of.  As I alluded to earlier, this name may not end up selling at that price if there are some shenanigans going on in the bidding process.

The data that I have certainly suggests that $4350 would be a great price for the seller if it ends up selling at that.  A few comps (if you can call them that) I came up with in the Chinese market are selling for around $1500 on 1/10 and selling again for around $1325 six days later on 1/16, selling for around $740 on 1/12 and selling for $1540 on 1/14.  None of these are great comps, but you can see the big difference in price.

Long story short, I have no idea why has been bid up to that amount.  Maybe someone else can chime in and tell us.  Bonus images of with four or zero (price and volume) over the past several days.  Per request, I’ve also added a legend to the summary image.









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  1. I quickly recognized 55130 as a ZipCode from the St Paul, Minn area. That might have a factor. There are alot of different reasons why people buy certain domains and most wont give their reasoning as that might increase the price. The Chinese are not the only ones buying Numerics!

    1. Thanks for the comment Mike. Good point. 5N are often zip codes. For some reason, I rarely think about that. Probably because outside of 90210 and the cities I’ve lived in, I don’t have any others memorized. A long long time ago at the age of 15, my first job was working in the mail room of a software company that made fonts for the original Mac. I had hundreds of zip codes memorized back then.

  2. Yes, just goes to show that even for Numerics, the potential is worldwide. Take for example area codes, or even (from my hometown Toronto) would have an incredibly high resale value/price. I am even starting to notice, from the dozens of inquires that I get for my numerics, full phone numbers listed in the email address from the senders. It hasnt really taken off yet, but looks like some people want to match their phone numbers with the matching domain. Its going to get alot crazier in the coming years, thats what I think. -Mike Maillet, Toronto Canada

  3. Thanks for the data once again Travis (and for the small legend).
    Quite a rise showing in trade volume – perhaps someone is releasing their stash onto the market?

    1. The volume is very low. The chart above shows only one sold on the 16th. Maybe you are referring to a different column fuzzy?

  4. Giuseppe Graziano has a great numerics guide on his site.

    2. Pairs are lucky. There is a Chinese expression called “double happiness” which actually commands a symbol on its own: 双喜. The symbol is so popular that it appears in several traditional Chinese items, as well as in retail products like Shanghai Tang (link). This is also the case for numeric domain names: any number repeated like or is extremely valuable, often times up to 3 times or more the value of a simple numeric combination like

    6. Zero at the end is good. On the contrary a nice round number with one or two zeros at the end is, on average, more valuable than a random number combination. An example: was sold last year for $950,000 in a private transaction. Why is this? Simple: numbers ending with 0 are easy to remember and desirable for brands

    1. Thanks for the link Josh. It is a good read. I was aware of most of it. I didn’t know that a zero at the end was a good thing. I just figured it was not a bad thing. Even with these rules, the price seems quite a bit higher than it should be.

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