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Daily SitePicks: Monday’s Hot List of Websites Up For Auction Around the Net

There are few very nice sites on today’s list.  The more and more I do these lists the more I feel if one does their due diligence there is very good opportunity to save some time and make some money but buying established sites and improving them.  Here are a few I think present that opportunity.  One of the better sites to come through Flippa in the last few weeks.  A health “game” that inspires people to be healthy through changing a bad habit into a healthy habit, one month at a time. Some great back links and writeups across the web.  180,000 pageviews a month and income of $1300 a month.  Site has had legs for a while and with a little updating could be something special   The custom wordpress layout is very nice.  I think the site got hit by Panda because the traffic dropped pretty hard.  Makes a couple hundred dollars a month on 5200 uniques.    All the income is verified.   I’ve said it before on my daily domain list, people love reviews and opinions.  Even AFTER they buy them.  I often search with the word “best” when looking for a product.  This one is not going cheap.  It’s met reserve at $20K.    There is a forum, a blog, a directory, videos and news.  The price is way above the income metrics and is obviously being valued because of the directory and forum.  Comes with a few other tlds of the same name as a kicker.  A perfect site for the Braden Pollock types  Site isn’t anything special but for a PR6 site the price has value.  You’ll pay a lot more than this at a Godaddy auction.

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10 Replies to “Daily SitePicks: Monday’s Hot List of Websites Up For Auction Around the Net”

  1. is cheap even at $50000. Income metrics make little difference when you have a directory like that. Although it only gets 2900 exacts per month, it is certainly well worth the $50000.

    How much for this kind of domain by itself? The domain might be worth $20000 sans website. could probably be in the low $xxxxxx range.

    What do you think about the domain name itself, Shane?

    1. Em,

      I agree. It’s a pretty special name and website. I think the names is worth low XX,XXX and I think the dot com could fetch $100K plus easily.

  2. I am the owner of and, the names/sites currently for sale on flippa. It is difficult to put a value on websites where the majority of the value lies in something other than the current revenue it brings in. For example, most adsense type sites sell for 12 months revenue. The same is not true of other more developed and established websites.

    I honestly believe that a majority of the value is in the domain names along. and may not get the highest search numbers or CPC’s for legal related keywords however there are no other words/domains that can better describe the entire legal industry.

  3. had some legal issues of it’s own, someone should do their due diligence, before getting into that headache.

  4. Tom, I think you are referring to, not Also there are no legal issues as the udrp was won based on someone elses frivolous attempt to steal it.

  5. Tom,

    Be careful. You are implying something that isn’t true. YOU need to do your own due diligence before opening your mouth.

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