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May 26 2012

Each day I take a look through Flippa and other sites that have websites for sale and try and drill down the names that I present an opportunity for long term income or a flip. There are a ton of websites for sale but I’ve tried to rule out the sites made in the last few weeks or no verification of stated numbers. Like any purchase that you make, make sure to do your own homework before buying.

Organ.com Of course I start the list of with a domain not a website but this is a pretty awesome name. I’m thinking more body parts than musical instrument

CatPhotos.org  If there is anything I learned on the Internet is that people love their cat photos.  This site makes a whopping $4 a month but gets mad pageviews and certainly can be better monetized than it is now.

DIWYY.com  Probably my favorite listing in the last few weeks.  Very nice travel blog for young women.  Lots of credibility, a nice mailing list, and has been around a while.  If you can find someone that can write for this young crowd there is a great opportunity here to generate some real revenue.  And I love the mantra behind this one.  Do It While You’re Young.

CelebrityDaily.net  156,000 visits a month and making money.  All stats verified which should make the buyer feel comfortable.  Site is only a year old but they’ve done a good job finding some Google love.  Celebrity websites are hard to monetize until you hit half a million uniques a month which isn’t that hard if you put up some sexy pictures of the more popular starlettes.


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  1. Ms Domainer


    My question: Why not also do it while you’re old?

    I was 59 when I was awarded my first Fulbright (well, my only Fulbright, LOL), and, believe me, my experience was awesome, a high point of my life. I had an opportunity to work and live in a foreign country for 10 months, and I think I was able to appreciate the experience more at 59 than at 29.

    At 29, I might have partied more and worked less. Don’t get me wrong: my hosts partied a lot and I with them (Rakjia, anyone?), but with a bit more moderation…

    Of course, one should experience all they can at all stages of life and not “wait” for opportunity. Also, there is no guarantee that one will be healthy enough to travel in one’s golden years. (Life’s a crap shoot, isn’t it?)

    “Energy is wasted on the young.” When you get older, you’ll appreciate this old saying.



  2. Jerri

    Thanks for mentioning DIWYY.com! We think it’s a great website and so do the new owners!

    We like the idea of Do It While You’re Old, but since we started the site when we were in our 20s we just wrote about what we knew 🙂


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