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Dick’s Sporting Goods Finally Buys and Yet Everyone Is Still Scared to Click the Link

Most of us have done it.  Gone to buy some sporting goods and one click later you’re seeing porn,  and lots of it. Well, that’s all changed. Dicks Sporting Goods finally have come to an agreement with the owners of and it now forwards to  I imagine that it’s still blocked at many a workplace so many people may never realize the change. I can’t blame them, I remember my daughter yelling out while looking for some running shoes “Daaaaaaaad, Dick’s is not at and I didn’t mean to see that”.  There was even a Facebook page set up to say is not

I believe A-1 Advertising was the seller but I doubt we’ll ever know how much they paid for Dicks.  Sorry I had to do it.

Domain Spotlight:

8 Replies to “Dick’s Sporting Goods Finally Buys and Yet Everyone Is Still Scared to Click the Link”

  1. Nice catch Shane. For sure a seven figure sale! According to whois the domain changed ownership on 1-25-2011.

    Sams Club should be next in line and buy!

  2. LOL, I wonder how they will promote dicks on facebook. @Don don’t be retarded why the hell would they want a .co when the .com is most probably for sale. .CO lost already give it up. Even overstock is not referred as in the papers, they still refer to them as

  3. Haha! Love the title. I am one of those that typed “”…. I’ve been around long enough and should have known better, but everyone calls DicksSportingGoods simply, “Dicks” and nobody gives it a second thought.

    Really a good move for DSG to make this purchase – if nothing else it brings goodwill as people will not have porn shoved at them for using the common name of the business.

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