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Thursday’s Daily Auction and Drop Picks

There are WAY too many good names to list today.  There as many high search term dot nets and dot orgs as I’ve ever seen in one day. I’m as excited about my pickup last week as I have been for any name in the last ten years. As soon as it’s in my account I’ll let you know what it was and why I’m so excited.  Until then, let’s take a look at today’s picks I realize many people won’t like this because it’s missing the “e” but I like it.  It’s a word that’s a combination of English and Japanese.  1995 registration helps I hear it’s making a comeback after the millions of lost work hours caused by it being the default game of Windows Man, there’s a lot of good dot nets today . 1998 registration. 175 bidders.  Not going to be cheap  Great name for an estimation tool for some trade. 2300 searches and a $4300 valuate.  There are no bids or if you really like the name you can hand reg the dot net. Originally assumed this was a geo but just a name for a few  different places.  Easy to say, easy to spell and will probably go cheap. Again, these are the types of names that always do well at these auctions.  See also I guess I don’t know the difference between deprived and depraved because when the the police officer said the guy was depraved I gave him $10.

There are so many dot orgs that I am just going to list them without links here










There are a ton more names today. Make sure to go to Dropday to find them

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