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Domain Shane + Accidental Domainer : Big Book of 10 Domain Names

If you see something on this list that you’d like to make an offer on, use the contact form and I’ll get it to the owner to start the conversation. If you’d like to see your name on next week’s list let us know.

 (auction) Nice 13-character domain for a video-oriented bodybuilding site.  You may not be into bodybuilding but you’d be surprised how many people are  (auction) Short Spanish domain with the word “corredor” having two primary meanings – “runner” as in 5k, 10k races and also as in “broker” for real estate or stock transactions; greatest commercial value would be for brokerage purposes; create date 2005  (auction) Santa Rosa is a city ~170k population in the San Francisco Bay, CA area which is part of California’s wine country.,_California       There is also a small Florida beach town called Santa Rosa Beach as well.  Check Youtube, or for Santa Rosa condos and there are quite a few Santa Rosa condo listings (auction) Save $13 million dollars by adding an “I”.  627,000 results on Google for this nice (auction) 10 year old domain.  So many uses, from Big and Tall clothing to penis enlargement.  Certainly memorable  (auction) 12 years old with a an average CPC of $3.55.  Opening bid is just $1  (auction)  Everyone company thinks they need some kind of app to go with their business. Thousands of companies build them, sell them a domain that will help them find clients.  Only $15 at press time, (auction)   And 48 other gambling names.   Opening bid is only $1  (auction) CVCV.coms are some of the most sought after of the short domains. Especially the names with the same vowel in both positions. (auction)  Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world which also means there are millions of people searching for the best airline rates for their vacation.  (auction) are some of the most liquid domains in domain investing. Short domains are in high demand with any getting bids in domain auctions.  

This Weeks’ Auction Bonus Names  Usually the X sells at a discount but not lately   Solid name to sell info on how to start an LLC  the CCC with 33 have done well lately.  $5K  Get it before it goes for more at Auction

Domain Spotlight: