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Dec 25 2015
Started from the bottom now we’re here.  It’s not quite time to reflect but it’s been a heck of a year.  Today is one of my favorite days of the year, not because I what I get but the chance for me to give.  A chance to be thoughtful or creative, or both. The positive and negative of making all the friends in both domain investing and the nursery business is that there are literally over 100 people that probably deserve a present or something thoughtful.  I counted just family, business, and friends I talk with daily and there were over 75.  I may need to go the rum cake route soon but in the mean time I got most covered.  Some are getting New Years presents :).  But thank you and Merry Christmas to all that read this list daily.  I believe I missed only 1 day the entire year, maybe two.  And I may not have missed any.  I usually miss one or two during Namescon but I think I wrote them ahead of time this year.  You can say my lists stink but you can’t argue with my consistency.  Like most families in the US, today we enjoy the traditional 13 mile family run before breakfast to run off the calories we are about to enjoy.  My daughter was a little young to partake in the past but she may do most of it today.  We did have a pretty good Christmas eve run yesterday where we did the traditional “Ramps for Jesus” where we run a 8 story parking garage and hit the uphill pretty hard.  We joke that each ramp we are a little closer to God……….and lactic threshold.  Merry Christmas.  Enjoy the day and we’ll see you tomorrow.  Make sure to click the links for the latest prices (ps up late because the RSS feed didn’t like a link in the post and didn’t post. Just realized it)
.   Really nice affiliate site name.  I guess it could be any sales related site as well.  15 years old   I know dot net is the ugly step sister but when keywords are strong like this there is still value. 15 years old   I for International, or intentional but I think International probably would be used more  For some reason this has no bidders.  Yeah, not a lot of search volume for ugly ladies but I still like the irony in the name.  Maybe irony isn’t the right word.  Great email to give out at the bars   Nice Chinese premium.  Love the Xs flanking the outside.  I have a think for Xs guarding the letters in the middle.  11 years old  What reputation defenders should be called. One bidder at $12  For some reason, this one has been ignored.  Under $700 at press time.  Zip for Riverside CA  Even the bottom tastes pretty good in the category   If you like 9s and 8s then I have just the name for you   I think buying a is a good investment.  My opinion only.  Buying this may result in a loss of your complete investment and force you to sell you take back all your Christmas gifts to make the mortgage  As good of a as you can buy.  The way things are going this will be four figures.  But I can’t promise anything for a year later except that I will be one year older and that the tires on my car will be new by then ( I need 2 new tires, just saying)  So far I’ve been outbid on every single one of these I’ve tried to buy.  I need to want it more

If you’re looking to bolster your portfolio there are some nice ones today, NXCT, DTSR, and JQTS   Good ring to it.  Even better ring since there are only two bidder under $25   I think everyone should have a few of these in their portfolio before they get too expensive. This one is over $1K and climbing   A great pattern for any extension.  Similar dot coms have crossed five figures so this has some room to run  At $12 but won’t end there  I like the mantra.  Gotta throw some sleep in there though.  I like WUKAR  Wake Up Kick Ass Repeat Just giving you a sneak preview of the name that I’m going to own tomorrow   A or fun version of Lager.   The seller likes the lager part  A premium that also could be for lager but would remind exactly zero people of lager   Ummmmm  Chipotle   Dot io is for startups and POLE is a great name for a start up.  This is Star Wars, nothing else.  You have no reason to own this. Trademark or not this is taking someone else’s product.  Han Solo dies
.  Western  19 years old.  W for Worldwide  Never look a gift steak in the mouth.  I love getting filet mignon in the mail.  Reminds me of college.  What? Your parents didn’t send you a filet mignon gift basket on Fridays?   Then how did you celebrate Filet Mignon Fridays?  The best pattern you can own in And the streak continues of LLL.nets that start with Z  Fantastic word but dot org is a little tougher to work with  Another up for auction.  Even the fours are now over $20K, crazy. Crazy awesome   Worldwide domain.  Going to hit $3K for sure.  Ok maybe not for sure.  But Pittsburg will for sure cover the spread this Sunday  Sounds like a nice place to meet.  Although it gives me nightmares from being a pledge when I had to clean it up.  And that reminds me of when Owen Frager told me he was going to slap that Frat boy smile off my face in an email a few years ago. Ahhh Merry Christmas  This one is Guaranteed to cross $3K.  Because it already has  Officially a Chinese premium.  But categories within Chinese premiums are developing  In case you’re looking to pick up a for yourself for Christmas  Jesus Christ the New Born .  How relevant  If this were a dot com it would hit close to $40K so I would think this would easily be $2K but I actually don’t know the market real well


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. (if you have trouble with the contact form its [email protected] this domain name) I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good investments

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