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Feb 24 2017


See if you can find a domain that goes with this new business model.  Tesla is starting to offer cars that come with insurance and complete maintenance.   An all in one price for everything.  They figure that their cars are much safer because of the autopilot technology , and accidents in their cars are down 40%,  but car insurance rates aren’t reflecting it.  So they are going to start offering it in house i.e. they will include the insurance and maintenance in the purchase price.  They are already experimenting with it in Asia and may introduce it in the near future to the US.   As expected, it has the insurance companies worried.  Many have mentioned in their reports they feel that revenues will be greatly impacted by self driving vehicles and not in a good way.  That they are actually safer.  Will be interesting to see how this all works out.  Loving this better and cheaper model that is happening in a lot of areas.  Except Apple of course.   Here are today’s names.  Click the links for current price


Quote of the Day:  “I don’t pay good wages because I have a lot of money. I have a lot of money because I pay good wages -Robert Bosch  ” 

Domain of the Day:   Very nice palindrome.  This would have been expensive during the boom last year

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   That 88 is going to draw a lot of fans.  20 years old and wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit $4K   Generic for Facebook.  20 years old   Because nobody wants to work with   Hydro seeding is how most large grass seed jobs are done. I imagine that’s the end user here   15 years old .  A last name that is getting some bids    Millions of nannies or Au pair around the world.  At four figures  WTF is going on here? The Chinese bid certain things up and I don’t even know why.  Shows how much I don’t know  Speaking of China   Brands like Dog names.  A few bidders here  and   The two LLLL.coms for today   Amazing that after thousands of years gold coins are still being bought and sold   Forex names still doing very well.  The plural would probably be four figures   Farmers use drones for exactly this.  Big business.  Or at least becoming a big business   funny name, lots of traffic,  800 plus a month    When it gets used it will be for selling piano lessons


Domains With One or No Bids Adult site all the way. No bidders Both big words The Italian restaurant with this name closed. Now it can be all yours Sounds like a some kind of granola company. No bids No bids. I prefer CultraHerb but nice canna name I think this one is getting overlooked. With again people there is a ton of need for ramp building in homes Long name but huge future


Other Names With Bids

Namejet Auction   Your daily source for canna news and information.  3 bidders   The biggest question in business has 22 bids     No bids.  Robots are the big talk now but its move from talk to reality.  A big nursery down the road has started using robots to space plants.   Amazing and scary at the same time with only a few bidders   Easily a $3500 name IMO.  We’ll if I’m right   Whatever you can get accomplished in 90 days you can use this name.  No bids   Get your cheap diamonds here   One bidder.   Car Insurance has a pretty good PPC    One word dot io that is pronounceable.   Only 6 bidders    No bidders.  Lyric site.  they still do those?  at $69 with 7 bidders  Every kid has had a snake or turtle at some point   No bids.  Surprised nobody has bid on this one.  Maybe its better off at Flippa because its a nice brand  There are people that care that their supplements are plant based.  No bidders   One bidder.    Money guidance   Secrets site.  No bidders  Chinese use these as gambling sites.  Nobody from China has found it yet.  No bidders   Two of the most popular water sport rentals and classes.  3 bidders   Lend them the money, all of it  No bidders.   The injury that leads to the most legal claims. Back injury and surgery   Speaking of backs.  A chiropractor’s dream name   Not sure what it would be used for but its getting closer to reserve so worth watching  H for holdings

Sedo  Easy to say and spell.  Exudes leadership and guidance.  No bidders  This one is flying.  Could it reach $10K?   Maybe its just me but I see sleazy

MORE Short Brand Dot Coms HERE

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