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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday January 13th


This is a very special day.  A day that only comes around a few times a year.  My lucky day.  I have always worn the number 13 on my jerseys and chosen 13 if given the chance. You probably never realized why most consider Friday the 13th an unlucky day.  Its because I take all the luck today.  Nothing but good things happen to me today.  I get up extra early just to make sure I have a longer period of time to be lucky.  Some examples of things that have happened to me on Friday the 13th in the past

  • Found a $5 in the pocket of a jacket I bought.  Was new but evidently not as new as I thought it was
  • The best parking spot at Chipotle came available right as I pulled up.  Merely steps to the front door
  • My wife didn’t yell at me for not putting my underwear in the hamper
  • All the socks came through the washer and dryer in pairs
  • Forgot to wear sunscreen to the beach on a Friday the 13th.  Didn’t get burned
  • Scratch off lottery machine wouldn’t take my dollar because it was too crumpled.  Saved a dollar
  • My entire yard was covered in leaves and put off raking them.  Friday the 13th came with a big wind and blew them all into my neighbors yard

These are just some of the amazing things that have happened to me in the past on the 13th.  I can only imagine what is going to happen today.  It’s going to be great.

Quote of the Day:  “ I believe every human being has a finite number of heartbeats.  I don’t plan on wasting any -Neil Armstrong” 

Domain of the Day:     No Reserve and Only at $1

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    Great brand and yelled out many a time in my house.  Usually screamed  “The best calendar you will ever use”  I can see the ad campaign now   15 years old.  An upgrade name for a few places called Olivia’s   Top price on the board today     2nd  Top price on the board today  Upgrade name for dozens of companies  Generic for Miller Lite   I have no idea why this one is at $153 at press time  Rank first for the term and rake in the money   Heading towards four figures    A which the Chinese will like and Fig which nobody really likes to eat but everyone knows   Nice thought for kids.  When they get older they will find its impossible. Just kidding and The two  LLLL.coms today

Domains With One or No Bids No bids. I think this is the name of a Western bar in our town Nice garden name. Our TV show is called MidAmericanGardener, used to be called Illinois Gardener. If we get any bigger we’ll have to buy it We still doing tube names? How about $12 tube names You’re going to hear on Monday about Drew of Media Options liking monkey names and we know he is in the cannabis market. Get it and sell it to him. He doesn’t read this list     If you want someone that also smokes     Meet your new roommate   This would have gone for four figures at Flippa during the dot info craze.  How’d that workout? Probably better than my .ws and .co


Some Worth Looking At


Domains With Bids

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NAMEJET   20 year old    Had to look it up to see why its gong for so much.  Don’t ,  its because of the balance of the name…..I think  6 bidders love the juiciness of this one.    Younger generation loves the term” juicy”   Lil Wayne and Mike Tyson are the first thing that comes to mind.  No bids  No bids.  When the coupons are so good they have value  Strong strong letters.  H for holdings  I get asked what mine is all the time so it must be a value domain    Means small gloves    Seat names seem to be doing well over the last year.  No bids  I don’t like to look back but man I sold my CVCV too cheap a few years ago  Domain HO   Lots a money in the “photos off your phone each month” model

SEDO and Flippa   Fantastic name.  Just wish Flippa had a reserve range to see if I’m even in the ballpark

X.Florist   Big argument about the renewal cost in comments.  And here lies the problem     I would think the Indian market for this type of stay would be huge.  But I admit I don’t know the market very well    AI is going to do a lot of the helping in the future

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