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Here is a question I want to take to the crowd.  I have a few sites on the side that generate a little income and I wanted to add one more about running.  It’s something that I know, something I do every day.  And between myself and our running group, we can generate enough content to get it started before we add a writer.  Like all ideas, it may or may not ever happen but I like shopping for a domain. came up at auction at Namejet and I was conflicted.  I liked the name because it was exactly what the site was going to be.  But then I got to thinking it sounded a bit 2007, labeled it as a blog,  and kept it pinned to running. Everything I tell companies they want to avoid.  I like triathlon and bike races and at some point we’ll want to sell from it and make it into a real business.  But I figured I would still try and get it cheap because it still had some resale value.  Didn’t happen because another bidder also liked the name and bid it up to $565 and it made my decision easier.

I still was looking for a name.  Then I saw a name come through Godaddy in the next week.  If you are a runner you know what bonking is.  Its when you’re done.  You hit the wall.  Most people bonk at mile 18-21 in a marathon.   We always talk about good training so you don’t bonk.  To me it was a perfect name for people that know about running.  Means nothing to non runners.   I was hoping that domain investors bidding on the auctions had no idea what a bonk was.  And they didn’t.  It went for $12

So here is the question.  As a domain investor which name do you think you will get the best return from?  How about the best profit dollars, which is different.  And finally if you’re building a site which name would you prefer?  I want to see if I am thinking logically or just trying to make myself feel by thinking I got a better name for $12.   I would love to hear your opinion.  Here are today’s names.   Click to see current price.

PS:  Alan resurrected some of his old post at NewFoundNames.  There are some good ones in there and I actually read them back the day they came out.  Was one of my favorite blogs

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Domain of the Day:     No Reserve and Only at $1

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   Everything is about being green.  I used to be special at the nursery.  Now everyone is green    A name of Hungarian origin.  21 years old  If you believe Godaddy then this gets 49,000 monthly visits   20 years old.   I like the sun. Look for it every day    Trademarked but other uses for the name  18 years old.    Buena Vista   37,000 backlinks   Because its too big to send with regular email   Sorry new Gs     Data recovery is huge money and the bidders realize it   $1000 oops I forgot to renew on this one    I’m usually just willing to pay for a Good ticket   it’s pronounced “Sugar”    Generic for the Crunchies    A 5L and a last name   High price on the board today.   851,000 backlinks    A lot of these names are doing much better than I thought going into the list  Fight it out for the best prices

Domains With One or No Bids A lot cheaper than No bidders One of the most beautiful women that ever lived. Surprise there aren’t any bidders Go from a jerky to the best jersey with one purchase No bids. Memorable and probably worth a $17 gamble. A few hundred visits a month Good name for helping choose a college This will grow more valuable as Cuba opens up I’m surprised this one doesn’t have a bid. I though all had value Originally registered 12 years ago. Nice dentist or orthodontist name for $12 So buttery good. Just don’t like the screams in the boiling water

Some Shorties and Numerics Worth Looking At


Domains With Bids

Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

NAMEJET  20 years old but it doesn’t matter how old.  Its a  and     Some great names if stock photos is your game  Upgrade name for quite a few companies   Almost missed this on the sheet because its so little lllr    You have to read this as part of your core curriculum in Wisconsin    A that I think you will be able to flip even at $2500.  My opinion only.  Don’t spend $2500 or you will lose money     I just call them grow lights but they can be lamps for weeds too I guess    Bob thinks Daddy names are good   Another name that you can buy if you have $20K or so

SEDO and Flippa


Portfolio of 40 names that aren’t too bad.   No bids

Not much else to talk about today


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good


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28 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday January 12th”

  1. Shane,

    As a previous avid runner myself (1/4 – 1/2 marathons per day, 5 days a week for years) and domain name investor (current aesthetic bodybuilder in a bulk, so cardio is out of the question now), neither of these domains sound good to me. Additionally, the *blog suffix seems outdated with this crowd as it’s the younger generation running… and unlike others, I’m not a fan of the “the” prefix. Many are, though.

    But, if I absolutely had to choose between the two, I would go with TheBonk. Though, I would prefer a memorable brandable for runners.

    Either way, I can see both of these being utilized in print on perforated tees in the future (you need income, right?), but, I’d still lean with a brandable.

    I come to this conclusion because you just need to step back and view the fitness industry from a different perspective. Then, you’ll see it all: Nike, Puma, New Balance, Under Armour, Gold Standard, Jack3d, Activeman, ActiveWrap, etc. (full list of brands to get a sense of what’s in this industry can be seen here:

    I used to own as I was going to track my progress of fitness while domaining (bulks and cuts, etc. to competition level and writing about my investing activities as well), but, I don’t think too many in the domaining industry would be too interested in seeing me pose half naked – not that I’m not damn sexy when I’m under 10% bodyfat, though – for daily progress shots; the two just didn’t mix as good as I originally thought they would.

    Good luck, it sounds like a good idea,

    1. Another excellent point.

      What some may consider offensive in one geo may not be in another. I think you need to do market segmentation to determine your target market before you decide which name to ultimately use.

      I was unaware of this “bonk” being offensive (more known as what Shane described, but more so just the “wall”). Recently, I was referred to as a “darl”, which from being well-cultured, I took offense to… but, it does have a double and positive meaning as well.

      But not too bad of a purchase at $12; it’s not that big of a loss if you decide to not move forward with it. You could quite possibly turn that into more when you realize a better name to use, too. Or, use it for redirection if it has any sort of pre-existing targetted traffic.

      1. David,

        I may have to pivot on the name or resell it now that I realize it may not be the best name for what I’m trying. The $12 does make it easier. Looks like neither name is ideal for my site. Thanks for sharing and appreciate the input

  2. For what you’re looking to achieve, I think neither domain is suitable. TheBonk definitely is a no-no as a brand, not just because it means “sex” here in the UK but you say that runners know what “The bonk” means which I disagree, plus many of your readers will be newbies and amateur runners who will go to your site for info and won’t know what bonk means anyways.
    RunningBlog is good because it does exactly what it says on the tin and will get good organic search results once you have plenty of content BUT you kind of want to build a brand and that’s not a brand. So, I would keep looking if I were you

  3. I do agree with your thoughts about the word blog being a bit restrictive. I still like it better as I believe it has more worldwide appeal. You probably could come up with your own memorable brand that you make up in the 5 to 7 letter range. makes sense if you just want it to be the hardcore group of runners like yourself. But if you are looking to build a business and grow the site and revenues, I think you might curtail that growth because many outside the hardcore runner’s group might not know what The Bonk would mean.

    Best of luck

  4. For me something like , or something like that, or would be making offers to the Chinese guy at, if at all I am thinking in merchandising or doing it seriously.
    If you’re still experimenting, any decent name would do.

  5. You should of got runnersblog. com last year for less than $1,000.
    i don’t think i would visit a website named bonk.
    Make up 5 running domains that you like and do a poll on here.

    1. Thanks Anunt, Hermant, Raymond, and Jordan. All great thoughts and ideas. I forgot Bonk means sex to many people so it looks like I am going to have to put that back up for auction and try and get my $12 back 🙂

  6. it sounds like it is old, which in my opinion is good because this name makes me feel that it can have many years of great content.

  7. It doesn’t look like anyone is doing anything with Make an offer. They probably don’t want much for it 🙂

  8. Hi Shane,

    I run sometimes and I am not at all familiar with the term “bonk.” I do like runningblog. It says what it is. There is nothing wrong with clear communication. I say choose the clear over the hip.

  9. I’ve run several marathons and still run with a club on occasion (Club Ed in LA) and I’ve never heard any runner say bonk with respect to hitting the wall. However, I do bonk with my wife the night before a long run. I registered NC5K.COM last year with the idea of talking with you about establishing an annual NamesCon 5k in Vegas but I put that idea on hold. Let’s discuss it this year and possibly do it next. Regarding your ideas for a name for your running site, I like The term blog is not going away. I have that I will do something with soon. I am selling a lot of Chinese premium on NameJet and look forward to discussing four-letter .com current values and future projections with Jonathan Tenenbaum at NamesCon and would like you to join us. See you there.

    1. Thanks Todd. Looks like people don’t like the term bonk and prefer running blog. I am convinced that bonk is the wrong way to go. A would never use as a site because of the reasons I mentioned but I think runningblog is a good investment as a domain.

    2. Not sure if you’ve seen the crowd at NamesCon. Not really your running type of group. But I bet we could come up enough guys that would run 3 miles one morning and see what kind of times we could lay down. As for They hold lots of value, the Chinese influence is dropping. The Western letters are where its at. All my opinion. Jonathan only understands the running of Namejet. He will have no opinion on future value. He just hopes they sell and the transaction goes smoothly.

      And one last thing, if you’ve never heard the term bonk you haven’t run a marathon under 3:30. After completing one marathon I didn’t even realize they keep time after 3:30 for men 🙂

      1. i’ve run several under 3:30 but haven’t run a marathon in 18 years. today i can run a half marathon in 1:30 and i’m 51. i may run la marathon this year because i’ve never run the new course. what’s your current half marathon time?

  10. is a no brainer, as soon as you look at the name you know what it is about. Two words with a .com how can you go wrong. Once you get revenue for 4 to 5 months put it on flippa for 18X return

  11. RunningBlog seems too descriptive. It just doesn’t have enough to get noticed above the crowd & I’m told it’s the content, not the domain, that will get you ranked in Google. For something like a running blog I appreciate a clever play on words and I think others do too. Looking through a list of 130 running blogs at NewFitnessGadgets (liked Feetures, SweatScience & theRunnerbeans) I’m sure you can do better than either RunningBlog or TheBonk, although, with TheBonk you’re on the right track. 😉 Anyway and are available to register.

  12. Prominent domainers own good running domains. Frank S owns Elliot S is the one that outbid you for so neither of those will be cheap.

    I think it’s worth it to see if you can get for under $50K like someone suggested. The Sherpas would go crazy over that buy and Cyger would have to pick up his jaw off the floor.

    As for me, I just picked up and of the available domain heap. Vlogging is the new in thing with video marketing getting more popular.

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