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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, Feb 7th, 2018

There are so many things that have been crossing my mind that I could write for three pages about them. Instead I’ll put them into ten thoughts. or 12

  1.  If your products requires a salesperson to call me and walk me through it online then the product needs work.  I should be able to navigate the product on my own. I also know that it is going to be more expensive than it should because you have to pay that person to walk me through it
  2. NEVER is the guy that says he the smartest in the room actually the smartest in the room
  3. Konstantinos of Online Domains calling Mike Mann’s new appraisal’s “a bit on the high side” is like saying Yao Ming is a bit on the tall side
  4. Andrew Alleman is the last man standing.  He continues to consistently put out good content and articles while the rest of us are down to releasing polls
  5. DNForum isn’t tainted at all.  The owner was trash but for years it was THE place to talk domains.  No reason a new person couldn’t come in and make it great again.  The question is whether it would be easier to take the 25-50K and put it into a brand new forum.  And Namepros owner could be just as bad as Dicker.   You can’t say he isn’t because we don’t even know who owns it.  Nothing screams transparency like an anonymous owner. Of course I don’t think the owner is a bad person but again, we don’t now anything about him/her
  6. Not sure opening a new forum would make any money.  Barely enough sponsors to keep NamePros open. Two competing forums would just water things down
  7. There are a ton of different business models but I’ll take selling product vs selling ads any day.  The problem is selling product is a lot more work and requires a lot more attention.
  8. Unless you are Elon Musk, if you are working on more than 3 projects at once, you are probably not putting enough time and effort into one or more of your projects.
  9. Your wife and kids should be your number one project.  Don’t put enough time in them and you’ll have one less project to manage when your wife leaves and minus another when she takes the kids with her
  10. Time away.  I can’t tell you what it did for my brain to not open my computer for 2 weeks.  It was fantastic.  I kept up,answered a few emails, put out a small fire or two, looked at my phone, but I didn’t look at or touch a computer at all.   I was completely refreshed with new energy by the time I came back to “normal” life
  11. You can only do the above with good partners.  Working solo sucks.  You get to keep the money but you get to share nothing.  You can’t take a break.  You can’t get sick.  Your customers or readers want you always there.  You can’t build anything of great value for the outside world because that can’t be done solo.
  12. I hate the extreme cold for extended periods. I can climb a mountain in below zero for three weeks but give me 10 degrees for 3 months and I go bat shit crazy. I yearn the day when I get a change of seasons but not four months of wearing a big jacket.  You can’t get anything done outside. Everyone is grumpy. Everyone puts on weight and feels uncomfortable.  And yet you couldn’t pay me to move to Florida.  God’s waiting room.  Where people go to die.  I’ll find somewhere else to get warmer
  13. I’ve almost paired down my portfolio to under 300.  Dropped all but a few dot nets.  Eating and dropping bad numerics. All those stupid hand regs that I planned to build out but never will…..gone.  What will be left will be a solid portfolio.  Lean and mean.    That’s all I got.  Enjoy the day and click the names if you want current prices


Quote of the Day: “Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it”  — Warren Buffett

Domain of the Day:       16 Bids.  Virtual Reality name.  Similar names already built out


Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction    Covers all types from medicines to cannabis.   At $69  Getting lots of good bids. I think people are seeing Napkin   VR in the name is the driver.  Good buy with a reserve under $500 IMO   Could be finding good deals or a site about venture capital deals.  51 bids and closes today  Love this one.  Even at this price   I have a bid in on this one.  Great online payment or escrow name. Better than the silly Payoneer name   42 bidders. There are a lot of gear heads out there.  Even though the new stuff is tough to work on          Actually a financial term.  For a loan or debt that ranks lower that other debts.  People in the industry know the term.  22 bidders know  Can’t go wrong with a LLL but I always like the X because it can mean anything or be a place holder for a shorter name. BUT…reserve is too high  This one on the other hand, has a much better reserve The K is a tough letter but I like the $120 price with reserve met  Compare cloud service cost.  Amazon almost always wins though  We are still doing crypto names still right.  Wasn’t sure, haven’t been paying attention the last few days  No bidders.  1997 birthday   Not simple enough, no bidders

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   As long as there are printers the ink market will be a billion dollar business  An aged, all good consonant is gold.  Gold Jerry   Solid name.  My has always made the site sound more personal.  CoinMarket is a six figure name so throwing a MY on it gets you a deal  Where you can get you wand that turns into flowers  Exudes class and high end  HODL HODL HODL  Extra Large TG   Great letters and the I makes it cheaper.  W for worldwide  Could hit 5 figures.  On its way  When I film I have to hold up a white sheet of paper to get my white balance.  That’s all I know about white balance.  Has bids though   Great name for a drop list   NNNN.nets still a good investment IMO   5L under $100 at press time  I’m guess the backlinks and solar are driving this one   A borough of Bogota Columbia  WordPress tutorial ?


Godaddy Names With One or No Bids 1999 domain.   I think people can spell blankie  Party or meeting planning name for $12 No bids on this Another good one but it caught some bids early   Where I take my family for Sunday Brunch.  But I could have the name wrong  The only award I’ve been nominated for every year What I say when I see a stain on the comforter at the hotel room.  Oh wait……..jazz  One of those one off words that you see for sale all the time at Flippa. And they usually sell  For $12 I’ll take this kind of name all day Braden, you read this list?  I’ve had one of these for about 30 years.  Good yields  I do every day.  But I have had great returns with them  I already said no Upgrade name for several entities  Pretty good name for a mortgage or insurance company.  No bids

Godaddy Names With Bids

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6 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, Feb 7th, 2018”

  1. If I’m not wrong, you were close to reach 2,000 domains in your portfolio. You deleted too many domains to be reaching 300 mark!

    By the way, what have you done with 6N .coms? How do you see their future?

    1. Abdul,

      There were hundreds and hundreds of 6N and 5L.coms. I dropped all but a few of the random and will be dropping most of the 6Ns. I see ZERO future in them except the good patterns and 8s. There is no such thing as deleting too many domains. Renewals add up. I’m sure there are people that would go through my trash can at my house and tell me I’m throwing away a perfectly good something. I am always adding good names so I’m by no means done. My portfolio simply needed some cleaning up

      1. Thanks Shane for your response. I like your openness in sharing about the drops and you had the courage to drop that many domains. Hope you add some more great domains to your portfolio and wish you all the best!

  2. 4, 8 and 10.

    4. Andrew Alleman is a machine. Especially love the podcast.
    8. It’s taking me a long time to learn this.
    10. It’s getting harder to take a break and an entire generation will have to learn how to do this. At least we can try to remember what it was like not to have a powerful, connected computer in our pockets.

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